Six Gun Saga – Lucien’s Fist AAR – Turn 5 & 6

Turn 5

At the beginning of Turn 5 of this Six Gun Saga, El Indio recruits Sam Bass and inserts him into a Posse.

Our upkeep phase shows we’re still pretty flush, even though we have $3 expenses every turn. Diamond Lilly and The Old Dutchman are helping with their cash bonuses.

Last turn we drew an Ambush card, called Welcome to Hell. I decide its time to lay an ambush for El Indio’s men, so I buy the card for $2.

When you buy an Ambush card you have to place it on one of the travelling “star” icons directly below your opponents Boss card. I select the only free spot that there is. The Ambush card is depicted by a little ‘A’ next to a red ring around the star icon. Any enemy Posse’s that move onto that place, will now have to face the consequences of the Ambush.

You can see El Indio has a Posse in the Jail Break Story card, since both my Posse’s are still back with the Boss card it would take me at least two moves to get there. I’m going to have to give this one to El Indio.

Time to cash in the outlaw Johnny Ringo for $4.

I use some of the cash to hire the Gambler Thomas Ketchum. Since story cards often have strict sub-type entrance requirements, its good to have a range of sub-types available in your Posse’s so that you can go for the maximum number of VP’s available. I move Thomas from the Bunkhouse into the True Grit Posse.

Finally, I run the Draw phase for Turn 5 and I get 3 cards, a Hotel Deed, an outlaw and a preacher townsfolk.

I end the turn.

Turn 6

El Indio cashes in a card and also sweeps up 2 VP from the Jail Break Story Card. Not as many VP’s as I’d imagine he’d get.

The Upkeep phase rolls over us, and we still come up clean. Although we’re spending $4 per turn to keep our Posse’s fed and watered.

The preacher man in my hand would add another +1$ per turn to our income, so I want to pick him up. To fund this I decide to sell the Hotel Deed for $3.

El Indio is getting busy with his Posse’s, putting another one on the Indian Uprising card.

I buy up the preacher man, and he goes into the Bunkerhouse.

I decide the Outlaw John Wesley Hardin has a decent Gunfight skill, and a low buy cost, so I snap him up.

I then move him from the Bunkerhouse into the True Grit Posse, to complete my threesome.

Bit short on ready cash now, so I decide to sell up the State Prison Deed for another $3.

Time to get my True Grit Posse rolling. I move them out.

I also move out Lucien’s Fist. Next turn I should be able to make some interceptions or at least some Story card claims.

I run the Draw Phase and get four cards, Billy the Kid, a Lawman, an Ambush card and Moe the Barkeep townsfolk. I wonder if he works at Moe’s Tavern?

Uneventfully, I end the turn.

Check back soon for Turn 7 & 8.


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