Six Gun Saga – Lucien’s Fist AAR – Turn 3 & 4

Turn 3

We pick up at the beginning of Turn 3 with El Indio’s action log. As you can see, his Apache Warriors swooped in and collected the Victory Points (VP) from the Apache Raid Story card. Once a Posse has completed a Story it returns to the Bosses card for rest and recuperation. He shells out for a guy called Gunplay Maxwell, and transfers him into a Posse and calls it Gunplay Maxwell’s Gang.

Our Upkeep phase and we’re pulling in $2 from our Townsfolk with no expenses so far.

A new story card has replaced the completed Apache Raid card. This time its a Jail Break and you need an Outlaw to access it.

Even though the Cowboy’s Gunfighting skill is a little on the low side (2) I like the look of his 6/6 health – he can take a few wounds this tenacious old man. So I decide to sell the other Outlaw, Zachary Light for $3.

Now I have the finance to pick up the old timer, Charlie McCarty.

I swiftly move Charlie in to the Fist Posse, time to get my boys on the road.

Lucien’s Fist finally rides out. You select the Posse stone counter (red for Lucien) and then click on the red Move Posse coin. It will take two moves to get from the Boss card to the Bounty Hunting Story card. But I can only move 1 jump at a time. The game gives you a handy hint at which Story card the currently selected Posse may enter, by placing a small red coin on the top left corner of the Story card.

Once the move is complete, you can see my Posse stone for Lucien’s Fist has moved out onto one of the three Star icon spots. I believe these are to denote travel, and these areas can be trapped by your opponents laying Ambush cards.

I’ve done all I can this turn, I press the Draw item to draw my next three cards. The State Prison Deed, an Apache and a Military man, Colonel Wayne (who reminds me of someone).

I end turn and we move on.

Turn 4

El Indio reveals his action log for Turn 4.

He plays an action card to beef up his Apache Warrior Gunfighting skills by 2 points.

Now the Turn 4 Upkeep Ledger finally has some expenses to show. We’re pretty much solvent down to the Townsfolk and limited spending I’ve been doing. But old Charlie McCarty is now exerting an expense of $1 per turn to have him in Lucien’s Fist Posse.

Our Fort Defiance Deed looks like it has a promising Action attached to it, that basically adds 1 to your Boss’s maximum number of Posse’s allowed. I play this to go up to 3 Posse’s and will match the ability of El Indio. It has to be noted that these Actions attached to cards are randomly assigned at the beginning of each game, so it keeps re-playability high, and the chance of finding Uber cards pretty slim.

You can now see the extra Posse slot available to Lucien (the faded star icons directly under the Boss’s portrait). You can also see that El Indio has placed a Posse on the Bounty Hunting Story card. Luckily I have the Fist out in the field.

I decide its time to form up a backup Posse, I name it True Grit.

I buy up Col Wayne, and slot him into True Grit (I know, I know).

Time to intercept El Indio’s Posse at the Bounty Hunting card and have a showdown. I move the Fist, and double click on the Bounty Hunting card to enter the fray.

Our first combat screen! We see the Fist are stacked up against Maxwell’s Gang. Our relevant Gunfight scores are totalled. I’ve brought 11 to the fight, whilst Maxwell languishes in single figures with a score of 7. I press the “Deal Cards” command top right to see how the fight plays out.

The results are in, and it looks like we won! We managed to pull off a Pair of Queens. The two cards at the top left are our initial hand, similarly Maxwell has two cards to the left at the bottom. These cards are used in a combination to create the best Poker hand. If you are new to Poker you can find a list of Poker hand ranks here.

It seems Maxwell managed a Pair of 7’s. My pair of queens beat his pair of sevens – so I was awarded a Gunfight score (2) for the Poker Hand – the score is displayed just after the Hand rank text.

The scores are all totalled up, and the losers score is deducted from the winners. Hence, 13 – 7 = 6. These are the wounds that have to be assigned to the losers Posse.

Click the Accept Results command to sort the wounds out.

Here you see I can assign the 6 wound points to El Indio’s Posse members as I see fit. I decide to kill off Gunplay Maxwell by assigning 4 wounds to negate his 4/4 Hit points.  And Roberto Canedo gets the remaining 2 wounds.

Back to the main screen, you can check out the Boot Hill item, and you’ll see poor Gunplay Maxwell in there with 0/4 hit points. At least he died with his boots on.

Since the Posse leader was killed, the Posse takes on the next members name, so we now have Roberto Canedo’s Gang. Although, you can see poor Roberto is badly injured with 1/3 Hit points.

Since the Maxwell Posse were defeated by Lucien’s Fist, they retreat back to their Boss’s camp/card to regroup and heal up. The win subsequently leaves the Fist on the Story Card for VP collection at the end of this turn.

I move onto my Draw Phase. I get three cards, the Ambush card “Welcome to Hell”, a Gambler and an Outlaw.

I end the turn.

Check back soon for Turns 5 & 6 in the Six Gun Saga Shootout!

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