Six Gun Saga: Lay it on me

Possibly one of the best games designers on the planet, Vic Davis, of Cryptic Comet, is currently beavering away on a new game, since his epic, but ultimately flawed-in-the-UI-department games Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum [Check out the After Action Reports on my SI Games (which ultimately petered out)]. His new game, just announced, is known as Six Gun Saga, and is a game which …

will remind you of some games like Race For the Galaxy, Dominion and of course Poker and it’s more than just a simple card game as it’s got a small board for moving your “posses” around and going after your opponent’s homesteads…and more importantly killing off their dudes which gives you victory points.

Vic makes games devilishly good, its just a shame that they’re mostly contained in a straightjacket of a UI (usually developed in Vic’s preferred dev tool Macromedia) thats not up to the job of fully realising his vision. But boy are his games exciting, pleasing to the eye, and complex with meaty strategic decisions to be made in every turn. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this new diamond in the Cryptic Comet Vic Davis Crown.

P.S. Don’t forget he mentioned a Rogue-like in development, which will no doubt bend the boundaries of ASCII pleasure and pain in unusual ways aswell.

[Thanks to Tom Chick @ for the headsup]

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