September 1939:Invasion of Poland AAR – Turn 4

It’s been almost a year since I last reported on this game, a shameful state of play. But, with renewed determination, I will try and finish off all the AAR’s that have been left hanging by my inability to stay focused on one game for any length of time.

This turn is the beginning of the tidying up of my AAR collection.

Turn 4

With my Air operations I decide to try and dislodge the Armour held up by the Podolska Cavalry Brigade on the road North of Lodz.

A succession of air attacks manage to destroy the brave Polish Cavalry. Freeing up the Northern approach to Lodz for my rolling steel.

Out of the 16 Air Missions committed to this action, only one hit the Cavalry Brigade, but it was enough to eliminate them. Their anti-aircraft fire was poor and ineffective against the Luftwaffe!

I set about moving my Panzers into the Northern approach to Lodz. They settle into the nook formed by the meeting of the Vistuala and the Bzura Rivers.

Meanwhile my push around the industrial city of Cracow has my troops swarming the area, being engaged by enemy infantry on the way in, and a defensive core in the city itself.

My infantry units North of Warsaw are still battling it out with Polish defenders in the woods surrounding the road Southwards. Although we’re slowly inching our way towards the Modlin fortress, as Polish troops entrench around Warsaw itself.

Infantry stationed South of Poznan, assault across the river along with my 91st Tank Company, to try and dislodge the armoured defense at hex 1118, a Polish Depot.

The assault is successful and German Infantry sweep in to take the Depot and it’s supplies, for their own use – capturing 5 VP’s in the process, now totalling 40.

Polish Cavalry South of Lodz itself has a large number of German troops choked on the roadway. Using all available strength in an attack, I try to force my way through the rugged defenders.

With overwhelming attack strength (17 vs 4), the attack fails abysmally and both sides lose 1 strength.  It can be quite frustrating when a single unit like this is holding up a whole slew of mixed German troops, and a bad result weakens all involved!

Just North East of the offending Polish Cavalry, some of my troops have interleaved and begin attacking the 147th Infantry protecting a key supply depot on the road to Lodz.

The armoured push is enough to dislodge the defenders and secure the supply depot, netting another 5 VP’s to the German cause, now totalling 45.

My 151st Infantry attack the Polish left around Lodz, with a hope to squeeze their way in between Southern defenders.

Their attack makes some progress, and they eek their way forward another hex.

The action forces the Polish to retreat one hex back allowing the 151st in, weakening the defenders there by 1 strength point.

In continued attacks, my armour on the road into Cracow makes baby steps forward towards the center. Edging its way in. But, worryingly becoming surrounded by the defenders stationed there.

The armoured fist assaulting the Northern approaches to Lodz makes its move, attacking the Polish 33rd Infantry Division across the Bzura river.

With considerable force, my armour manages to cross the river and secure a foothold into the peripheral area around Lodz itself. With another push, Lodz will be cut off from support from Warsaw.

Even with the Combat penalties applied for fighting across a River, the outcome is still in favour of the German Armour. Whacking a whole 2 points off Polish Infantry strength, and forcing them to retreat.

The subsequent Polish Air attacks target my armour waiting to cross the Bzura, and out of 10 air missions, 2 are successful hits. Weakening my armour a little. Our return anti-aircraft fire manages to clip a Polish wing or so.

Join me for the next Turn in this invasion.

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