September 1939:Invasion of Poland AAR – Turn 2

Turn 2

With Armoured Battalions on the perimeter of Danzig I decide to hit them with my initial Air Strike.

With 10 Air missions we manage to land 3 hits on the target and knock it out completely!

My second successful Air Strike hits another Armoured Battalion holding up at a Polish Supply Depot (Hexes with a Polish Flag inside).

I throw what I can at it, 8 missions, and again score 3 hits! The Armour is history.

I begin the slow slog forward, constricting the Polish troops around the major city areas. With 5 Victory Points on offer, the Supply Depots are really too good to miss. So I make sure my sweep forward takes in their hexes. I get an infantry division into the Hex at 1612 and reap the 5 VP rewards.

North East of Poznan lies another Supply Depot Hex 1112, I force the Polish out of it and claim another 5 Victory Points. Not only do I feed greedily on the VP’s but also I’m limiting supply in the area for the Poles. Which should help in the long run.

Looking at the troops surrounding the City of Poznan, they’re encircled and overpowered – I have double stacked troops in most surrounding hexes. If I can pick the troops carefully in each of the attacks I should be able to overwhelm the defending troops there. Attacks in the game require you to first select the target hex, and then you click all the attacking hexes taking place in the combat. Once you’ve selected all you require, you press the Combat button and see the outcome. You have to be careful not to over subcribe your units to each skirmish, because you can only attack once from any hex, and only attack an enemy hex once. You have to make sure all that you want in a particular attack are selected, because there is no second chance.

Here is the map after the skirmishes around Poznan have been resolved. When a unit is routed, or destroyed the attacking units move forward into the target hex. So you can see the winning attack happened from my infantry troops in the South of the City. When they obliterated the defending Cavalry, they moved into the City and secured a handsome 10 Victory Points for the Germans.

Checking the situation around the Industrial Heartland of Cracow, you can see the roadways is acting like a  bottleneck, funnelling my troops in to the killzone, but also tying them up against units still hiding in the forest to the South and the area to the North. Once a unit moves into an Enemy Zone of Control (EZOC) they can’t move again. If in an EZOC at the start of the Movement phase, they can only move away from the Enemy, they can’t move around the unit (ie. you can’t go from an EZOC to another EZOC – I guess you’re considered “engaged with the enemy”). This can severely restrict your forward motion. A single unit can hold up a much larger force with its surround EZOC’s.

The Purple Slovak Army is having trouble in the far East with a few enemy infantry, once I can eradicate the few troops there, I want to use the Slovak’s to scoop up some Victory Points from the capture of the factories that are virtually unguarded.

Lastly we’ll take a look at the action around Lodz. The concentration of flanking enemy units around the road north to Lodz has my infantry troops constantly engaged. Slow progress is made pushing North to the City. I’m getting a feeling that this will set the scene for the push onto Warsaw after Lodz too. With the AI using the EZOC’s to hold my troops in combat and away from their Victory Point soaked Cities.

Tune in next time for Turn 3!

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