September 1939: Invasion of Poland AAR – Turn 1

Turn 1

I begin my invasion by launching a number of air-strikes at key defending troops, bottle-necking the roadways deep into Poland.

During the Air Phase you select each of the five air forces (all at 25 mission strength) in turn, and then click on the enemy position you want to attack. After clicking the Combat button, the attack is resolved.

I attack the Armour (71 Tank Company) holding up the road North of Poznan.

From the resolution, you can see I launch 25 missions against the unit and only 1 hit. With returning Anti Air fire taking out one of my planes (and mission strength drops to 24). The 1 hit reduces the Armour’s strength from 2 to 1.

My second air attack is on the same target (71 Tank Company), I need to clear the road.

I only launch 10 missions against the target (I’m not sure why, because I clicked on the second 25 mission block), and one of them hit. So the defender was eliminated!

The road is now clear.

My next air attack is on the 92 Tank Company stationed south of Poznan, close to the Polish supply depot over the river at hex 1118. Some of the Polish armour stationed out at the front lines are quite weak, with strength values of just 2, so I’m hoping I can use my air power to knock holes in which to pour my troops in.

The attack is resolved, after 5 missions 2 of them hit home and destroy the Tank unit. Anti-air is ineffective.

My next air attack concentrates yet again on Armour (41 Tank Company) just east of the Cracow industrial region, with a clear view to another Polish Supply Depot at hex 1922.

If you move the map around whilst the Air Panel is displayed, you lose it. So to get it back you have to click the Reposition Air Panel button, which overlays the selection box once again. One of the UI quirks that can jar with the player until you get used to these sort of idiosyncrasies.

The attack is resolved with 2 of my 19 missions hitting home and destroying the 41 Tank Company. The clearing operation is going well.

During the movement phase, I march my troops into Danzig and capture the Port collecting 10 Victory Points.

On the crossroads running eastwards towards Cracow itself, I manage to swarm the Polish Armour and push it out of a Factory there, taking a Victory Point for my troubles. The advance continues. There seems to be pockets of Poles in the trees, I’ll have to mop up. The high concentration of my forces along the roadways is actually hindering any offensive actions, because you can only make attacks adjacent to the enemy. Even with double stacking in a hex I’ve still got motorised troops at the back stuck waiting to get into the action.

I should point out that a unit can only take place in one attack during the combat phase, which means you have to place the units close and you have one shot at it. You can’t attack again from your troops, and neither can you multiple attack the same enemy unit. It means you have to think carefully about placement and where you strike, with how many of your units. There’s no saving your units attacks if the enemy has already been hit from another side.

At the far eastern side of the map, I push my Slovak troops along the road and over the movement costly mountainous areas. We hit the defenders in the pass,  and their strength is reduced by 1, but fail to dislodge them.

I roll my armour along the southern banks of the river picking up another Factory Victory Point in the process. So at the end of my Turn 1 I’ve scooped a total of 13 VP’s.

During the Polish Movement and Combat phase they manage to push back and regain one of the factories in the Cracow region, stealing back one of those precious Victory Points. Back to 12 VP’s at the end of the turn.

Tune in again for Turn 2!

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