Scourge of War: Sightseeing

I’ve been soaking up the American Civil War lately, with the help of NorbSoftDev’s Scourge of War: Gettysburg. I threw together a sandbox skirmish at the Brigade level, desperately wanting to take command of Joshua L. Chamberlain‘s 20th Maine. The nearest I managed was to take command of Strong Vincent‘s Brigade with a 20th Maine Regiment in it. Near enough.

Anyway, I started to setup some engagements and got a bit snap happy with the screenshot key. So I thought I’d present some of them in a sort of sightseeing gallery below. It really is a testament to the graphics engine that you can create such emotive shots with a game that uses 2d sprites at its beating heart.

20th Maine – Hold the Line

Give ’em Cold Steel Boys!

Rebs in Sight!

Fight on till Dusk

Artillery giving Support

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