Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 8

Turn 8 

The last turn left us in a very favourable position for moving our troops into the center of the Crimean peninsula. Turn 8 affords us time to pause and assess whats coming at us from mainland Russia. You can see there’s a small force gathering there, with some naval power docked in Novorossyk. If their designs are on crossing to Kerch, then my 132nd Infantry Division will have something to say about that.


Meanwhile the German infrastructure to the North is spanned along the main road from Nikolaj through to Dzhankoy. I still have troops travelling along that route, and HQ’s underpinning the towns and cities with logistical support.


Reviewing the supply situation, I spend a lot of the time converting rail inland towards Sarabuz, to support the offensive there. I decide its better to get supply to the troops at the front readying to assault Sevastopol than secure a route to Parpach for the eastern defense.


With the weather on our side, I send in an air unit to provide air interdiction over Sevastopol itself. Time to clear the skies and claim air superiority (if I can) over the stronghold.


I also use my remaining Air unit to perform an air supply mission over Alushti, getting vital supplies to the 46th Infantry Division stationed there.


The 22nd Infantry division is fast tracked forward and inland using my Strategic Rail Road points.


I order the Rumanians into Sarabuz, and push the 73rd forward into Simferopol. I also begin the roll forward of my HQ’s units, to maintain the chain of command. The 54th HQ goes deep towards Sarabuz, whilst the 11A HQ takes up residence in Dzhankoy, and subsequently the rest of the HQ chain takes a step forward too, with S HQ landing in Ishun.

We’re quite spread out, but if I can maintain supply lines and communication with HQ’s I’m sure the boys at the front will perform well in combat with the beaten Soviets here in the Crimea.



Slowly I edge my troops towards Sevastopol, over the unfavourable terrain. The 50th reaching the Belbek River, the 22nd close behind and the 46th move along the coastline to take Yalta.

In the east, the 132nd continue along the road to Kerch, to hopefully settle and dig in to the city, and present a pithy bottleneck to the entrance of the Crimea.


Here is the state of play at the end of Turn 8. Sadly, no combat this turn, but hopefully you can see the turn involved the gradual influx of my German troops taking ground and preparing for the inevitable conquest of the mighty fortress of Sevastopol!


With the acquisition of Yalta my grade against history has slightly bettered itself to a B! We’re getting to match the historical city capture, whilst completely overshadowing the casualties caused, and having restricted the casualties sustained to minimal levels.

It’s now a mopping up operation, join us for the penultimate turn.



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