Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 7

Turn 7

The state of play at the beginning of Turn 7, has the German forces dominating most of the Crimea peninsular. Our push through Dzhankoy has enabled us to supply a two pronged lunge forward towards both Simferopol AND Parpach – one digging deep into the heart of the Crimea, the other severing the supply from mainland Russia.

Here is the current level of supply throughout the area, and as you can see Axis supply almost occupies three of the main road/railways across the eastern coastline. I try to construct more rail through to Parpach, but I’m notified that the weather affected the construction operations. On this image, you can clearly see the two Russian Supply depots at Sevastopol and Kersch.

Most of my air power was isolated in the North, so I spend the Air Ops phase, relocating them to airfields in Dzhankoy and Sarabuz.

During my movement phase, I march the 50th Infantry division into Simferopol, and the Rumanian division reaches Yevpatoriya. Rather than sit it out at Parpach and Feodosiya, I decide to grab some more Victory Points (VP), by ordering my trusty 46th division into Sudak. I’ve decided to creep the 46th along the southern coastline and mop up the VP’s there. I’ll pull some other unit down from Dzhankoy to cover the Parpach entrance to the peninsular.

I mobilise the 132nd division.

And begin Strategic Rail Road movement southwards towards Parpach. Greedily I keep the 46th moving along the coast for more VP’s.

This turn is mainly channelling the forces I have forwards towards Simferopol. I move the 73rd infantry along the road to Sarabuz.

Concentrating my units around Simferopol, before I make the extra push into Sevastopol. From what I can see theres just not much left in the way of resistance. Once I have my units set I’ll make the play to finish this.

In the second movement exploit phase I edge forward the 50th and the 46th. The 46th taking the coastal port of Alushti. I also nudge my second Rumanian division forward in support.

I have a division stranded high in the North, so I use the remaining Strategic Rail Road movement points  to fast track the 24th towards Perekop. OKH stationed at Nikolayiv, feeding the HQ units along the Kherson/Perekop road and railways.

It’s interesting to note, that I blundered earlier on by being too eager to move the 46th along the southern coastline to scoop up the VP’s there. I moved straight through Sudak and didn’t stop long enough to capture it. You have to remain on a VP point for a turn to secure its points. So Sudak is still in enemy hands, points-wise. At the end of this turn I captured Alushti with the 46th.

No combat this turn, all movement to secure the area. Got to get my troops inland and in a position to take Sevastopol.

I’ve been graded B- this turn, as opposed to the Russians D+. Historically we’re behind in the city capture (*shakes fist at Sudak mistake*)  but our losses are minimal compared to history, and our casualties caused is almost double what General Mannstein managed. Quite proud of that.

Tune in for Turn 8, and see if we can make it to Sevastopol in time.


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