Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 6

Turn 6

The state of play at the beginning of Turn 6 has us in a strong position around Dzhankoy, a unit cutting the road/rail around Parpach, with the peninsula virtually isolated from Mother Russia (apart from naval supply routes).

I spend my initial actions securing the supply lines to the 46th Infantry holding just outside of Parpach. My engineers make fast work of converting the tracks down the main line from Dzhankoy.

Sadly the weather (Rainy) prevents any air operations this turn. This is becoming a familiar situation in the Crimea.

Heavily out of supply, I push the 46th Infantry further to get them to take Parpach, capturing the Victory Points there. I’m hoping I can bring the supplies to them, in subsequent turns, now that the rail links are being converted in double quick time.

I move the Rumanian divisions into Ishun and further forward, along with an advance by the 50th Infantry division South westwards off the road/rail to meet the enemy in the open plains.


I use up my Strategic Rail Road points to fast track the 132nd Infantry division from Kherson to the front lines.

I order the trains to transport them through Perekop and Ishun.

With the 132nd finally disembarking just forward of Ishun. I then assign reserves forward (notice the second digit along the status line on top of the 22nd, 170th and 50th infantry units), for an offensive push.

The 50th and 170th combine to hit the Russian 2nd Infantry division dug-in just South of Dzhankoy.

Bringing 20 to 4, leading to a 5 to 1 odds, the die rolls are kind enough to give us a A0:D3 result. Obliterating the Russian 2nd without any losses!

This action opens up the road south west and into the Crimean heartland. The 50th pursue along the road.

It’s time to hit the remaining entrenched Russians outside of Dzhankoy. I order an all out attack with three divisions, the 72nd, 73rd and the 170th. Leaving the faithful 22nd entrenched in Dzhankoy in defense.

Bringing 28 to 10, or 2 to 1 odds, the die rolls are so-so and leave us with a A1:D2 result. We take losses in this one.

However, we manage to destroy the Russian 276th, and force the 95th out of their entrenched state in retreat.

The 50th’s exuberant pursuit down the road, has fortuitously enabled me to use them as a killing blow on the fleeing Russian 95th.

The 50th hit them, with 11 to 4, or 3 to 1 odds. The die rolls give us a very satisfactory A0:D3 result. Effectively finishing the Russian 95th off.

All Russian opposition in the area of Dzhankoy has been swept away. We can now turn our attention to moving inland and eradicating the Russian presence on the peninsular in total.

Hungry for Victory Points, I move the supply fatigued 46th into Feodosiya.

In the second ground ops phase, I start to push inland.

I want to get my troops deep before the next turn, so I advance the 72nd, 50th and 170th up to Sarabuz. The Rumanian’s go off at a tangent with a view to capture the Victory Points in the port of Yevpatoriya.

In the second attack phase, I punish the Russian Air Force stationed at Sarabuz. Once again, my killing blow outfit, the 50th Infantry hits the grounded aircraft on the runway.

With 10 to 2, or 5 to 1 odds the die rolls throw out a A0:D2 result. Burning aircraft litter the artillery pitted runways.

Using the ensuing pursuit to storm into Sarabuz and take the city and its precious Victory Points. The Russian’s time is running out. Sevastopol will be my ultimate goal, but reaping the points from the other cities on the way will also help.

Here’s the game status at the end of Turn 6. As you can see I’ve managed to push my Grade up to B- again, dropping the Russian’s to D+. We’re behind history regarding City capture, but our offensive clout outshines General Mannstein’s best efforts and our losses are minimal.

Tune in next time, for the push onto Sevastopol.

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  1. Been awhile since I read Mannstein’s Lost Victories. Don’t the Russians launch a number of amphibious assaults to strenghten the defenses on the peninsula? Otherwise I do not see much left to keep you from steamrolling through.

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