Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 4

Turn 4

At the start of Turn 4 we can see that the Russian’s are still serious about getting into Dzhankoy. However, I’m triple stacked with level 3 experienced infantry, I refuse to let them in. My initial plan continues, with the road to Parpach winding off into the distance.

New troops arrive in our rear this turn, the yellow countered Romanians stationed around Kherson. Along with the 72nd and the 170th Infantry Divisions and their 20th Division HQ at Nikolaj.

I spend the initial actions converting as much railway as I can to use German gauge track. I continue the process until the progress made is just outside of Dzhankoy. Once these two railway lines converge it should help the supply situation within the city itself.

I move the 20th HQ forward into Kherson, using Extended Move.

As you can see here, Extended Move exerts 1 supply loss per movement. I moved the unit two times, so it now has 2 supply losses (the first number on the top status row). Its a trade off, between going that extra mile but losing the additional supplies to do so.

I decide to expend my Strategic Rail Road movement (RR) points by fast tracking the 72nd Infantry Division as close to the front lines as I can.  You get 4 bursts of movement through a Strategic RR move. I begin transporting the unit along the rail lines towards Kherson.

Then past Kherson.

And on the way towards Perekop.

The final Strategic RR movement actually terminating in Perekop.

Next movement turn, I’ll be able to push the 72nd towards the action. I spend the next few actions moving the Romanian units and any other units I can forwards towards Perekop.

Concerned about Dzhankoy, I move the 73rd Infantry Division forward to present itself to the entrenched Russian troops on the outskirts of the city.

I assign reserves from the HQ’s in the chain towards the 73rd (noted by the ‘3’ in the 2nd slot on the top status bar).

I order the 46th and the 50th from inside of the city to attack the Russian 9th and 320th. I’m hoping the punch from these experienced, strength 5 units will be enough to dislodge them.

Pulling a 20 to 8 score, rounding to a 2 to 1 odds, our die rolls lead to a A1:D2 result.

We destroy the 9th, and the 320th retreats directly South. I allow both the 46th and the 50th Infantry Divisions to pursue further along the road towards Parpach.

Entering the Expliot/Move phase I push the 46th a hex further down the road to create a line of German Infantry protecting the road and my supply lines in from Genichesk.

In order to maintain supply and hopefully exert some kind of HQ bonuses I move the 54th HQ in behind the protective infantry line.

To further extend the line I move the 72nd just South East of Ishun, hopefully securing the route of entry for the rest of the German troops rumbling down the road to Perekop and beyond.

I use the Exploit/Move phase to begin this mass channelling of troops towards Perekop. I need to get more troops into the Crimean Peninsula, if I’m going to make a push deeper and wider into enemy territory.

In the second Ground Attack phase, I use the brave 46th to attack the Russian 51A HQ unit at the end of my defensive line. If I can take out the HQ, perhaps I can cause some supply problems or remove any combat bonuses that may apply.

The HQ unit only presents a single Defense Factor (DF). So a 10 to 1, rounds out to 5 to 1 odds. The rolls throw out a A0:D3 result.

The HQ unit is destroyed.

I continue attacking with the 46th. The men are becoming more confident with each victory. They go up against the Russian 421st Infantry Division.

Since the 421st already have combat losses, they can only put up a single DF. Another 10 to 1, rounds down to 5 to 1, but the rolls are high and resolves into a A1:D2 result. The 46th get a bloody nose and take a combat loss. However the 320th have been destroyed.

The 46th still have some lead in their pencil, so they join the 50th in an attack on the beleaguered but dug-in Russian 320th.

The Russian single DF is pathetic, 17 to 1 rounds down to 5 to 1 odds and resolves after the roll to A0:D4! The sub-human opposition is crushed beneath the studs of the German Stormtrooper’s Jackboot!

In a final desperate attempt the Russian Mega-stack entrenched outside the city attacks the 22nd! We field 13 points against a combined score of 12, so 1 to 1 odds are in force. The two high die rolls (double six!), go against the attackers big time resulting in a A3:D0 result with no retreat.

At the end of Turn 4 our Grade has climbed to a B-, pushing the Russian performance down to D+. Whilst our City capturing is more or less in line with History, our ability to cause losses has greatly exceeded the historical outcome. I’m very pleased to have secured a defensive line across the entrance to the Crimean Peninsula, and hopeful in subsequent turns I can funnel more troops into it and start making a push Southwards to secure some City Victory Points.

Tune in for the next turn.



3 thoughts on “Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 4

  1. I think there are still a small Russian Air presence, but the weather has hampered any Air operations both last turn and this one. I forgot to mention it here, sorry Trash.

    The Luftwaffe are grounded in Kherson, the Russian air force are just South West of Dzhankoy.

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