Russo-German War – Crimean Break-in – Turn 3

Turn 3

Here’s the situation as we left it last turn. The city of Dzhankoy is currently under our control, the 22nd and 50th infantry are dug-in and fighting for their lives.  I have the 46th Infantry making its way to the besieged city on the road from Ishun. In addition to the Russian troops outside the city, there are three infantry divisions moving north to intercept also.

Checking the supply situation, we’ve only managed to make small progress along the roads leading to Dzhankoy. Even Ishun is still in need of conversion. Since the troops in Dzhankoy are out of supply I cannot allocate reinforcements to help their plight.

The weather is rainy and prevents any air operations at all.

I entrench the 22nd (notice the ‘E’ in their top status bar 4th position along), and move the 46th infantry division up to the outskirts of the city in support.

To support the front, I bring up the HQ units, moving then into Perekop and Ishun respectively. I also move the 73rd Infantry division into Ishun to protect them.

Filtering down from the HQ units I assign reserves into the 22nd in the city. The reserves show up in the 2nd position on the unit status line.

The Russian troops rumble up from the South to add more units into the siege. I decide to make an attack towards the Northern most Russian Cavalry units, in the hope that I can free up the road coming in from Genichesk. I want to be able push any rear attackers out. The 46th and 50th infantry divisions attack two Entrenched Russian units.

I know its a risky attack, probably a foolish one – but at this point the encircling reds have me of a nervous disposition. Although 13 to 9 results in 1 to 1 odds, but the deciding die rolls are thankfully low and we come away with a A0:D2 result. The defenders take two losses.

I was pleased with the result, because it forced a retreat, destroyed the 48th Cavalry and pushed the remaining attacker eastwards. You can see the Russian 40th Cavalry division has 1 loss  (6th position along top status line) and is out of supply for 1 point (1st position along top status line).

During the second movement phase, I push the 73rd Infantry division forward to create a defensive barrier in front of Ishun, but also to take part in any action that may come that way.

I’m very concerned about the defensive abilities of the 22nd and the 50th inside of Dzhankoy, so I decide to push the 46th into the city aswell. They’re not taking this place back!

On the second phase of the ground operations I decide to make an attack on the 40th Russian Cavalry Division (who has now dug in along the Genichesk road). I pour the 46th and the 50th into the attack once again.

This time the odds are more in our favour, 13 to 2 gives 5 to 1 odds, however the high die roll tempers the attack, but we get a A0:D2 result which is very satisfactory.

The cavalry unit is destroyed, and I’ve freed the rear ground around Dzhankoy including the Genichesk roadway. I’m happy with that result.

At the end of Turn 3, you can see our grading is C+, not bad, not brilliant compared to the historical outcome. I’ve sustained less losses and have caused considerably more losses on the enemy, but my City capture points are about the same.

Tune in for Turn 4 coming soon.

[P.S. I have to apologise for the image quality on this Turn, the graphics editor I’ve been using had some stringent settings that seemed to overly blur my red Russian counters, I’ll try and get the quality back to the previous form for the next post]

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