Revolution Under Siege – The Ice March – Late Nov 1917

Entering into the second half of November 1917 the Revolution really kicks off!

First word in, is that our British Allied Merchant fleet in the Atlantic Ocean have managed to get some war supplies (8 of them) through to us. We gain 2 engagement points because of this.

The news comes in that the Bolsheviks have taken power, the October Revolution has changed the face of Russia, forever! This is bad news for the White resistance.

The former Russian Empire crumbles due to official recognition of the right to independence. Lithuania, Finland, the Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Poland and Lettonia all break away.

General A.M. Kaledin opposes the Red Coup and fronts the Don Cossack Insurrection in Novocherkassk.

Looking at the Forces list at the end of this turn, you can see we have very little in the way of troops, what little we do have are locked away for all eternity. The lock symbols indicate that these troops cannot be moved or directly controlled by us. Turn 2 and all we have to show for it is a Cossack Horde holed up in Novocherkassk. Still from small beginnings, we might be able to make something of this.

As you can see above, the game really soaks your turns in the historical events of the times. Closely limiting the troops available and what you can to the strict chronology of the period. For history buffs I’m sure this will be seen as a big plus, to actually experience the era – but for general strategy or wargamers perhaps these early straight jackets might prove a little frustrating. The two week turn window can still leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many gamers used to more control over their forces.

We’ll see next time, in Early December 1917 how the conflict progresses. I’m sure the Reds will mobilise soon, now they know Rostov is directly threatened by these counter revolutionary Cossacks.

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1 thought on “Revolution Under Siege – The Ice March – Late Nov 1917

  1. Oh now I can finally comment. Previously the captcha thingy was not showing up.

    This scenario is very fun, but much too short. The action is over before you know it. I prefer the Finland civil war for a sense of a complete war instead of a small taster.

    If I recall correctly, you get unlocked forces either in turn 2 or turn 3, starting with the Don Cossacks. I would quickly create an army under Kaledin, then create crops with the other two guys. I would put the incredible cossack cavalry unit under one, and move it under evade enemy and retreat if attacked orders towards where the reds are coming to get you.

    I think you said this is your first stab at this scenario, so I would not spoil it for you, but I kept losing this scenario until I made that independent cossack cavalry corps. Reason being that all those discontented proletariat are forming HUGE armies that do not like what you guys are doing near Rostov. You can defend along that river, but there are too many possible crossings, unless of course, something unfortunate were to happen to all those raillines?

    Keep at it. Let me know if you have ever taken Tsaritsyn. I have taken all other objectives except Tsartisyn before the scenario ended. The trek to the sea and back is too much ice marching for my volunteer army fellows. And when I split my force too much to try to take both sids, I obviously failed at both.

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