Piercing Fortress Europa – Video AAR – Sicily Scenario – Part 3

In the final AAR of the Sicily Scenario in Piercing Fortress Europa, I run the turns 11 through to 16, and see if I can push the Axis out of Sicily with my waning combat supply.

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I managed to win an Allied Decisive Victory, but not without some resistance mainly in the western mountains outside of Gela, by the Panzer Division Herman Goering. I think my problem is that once you engage in this game, you are stuck in combat unless you roll the dice for a withdrawal and take the associated penalties. So tying up too many troops, left me with a lot of ground to cover in the later turns of the game. Also, I’m inept at managing my resources, and the confusion over how much incoming supply I have and how to maximise that. I really need to sit down and read the manual on that side of the game, and stop being gung ho with swiping units across the map to get into combat. However, it did make for some exciting last turns for me.

As I said, although I have played Operation Husky (the allied invasion of Sicily) games before, I really hadn’t taken note of location where different nationalities of the allies had advanced, so I mistakenly pushed the Brits into Gela and up, and the Americans into Catania and along to Messina. With the Canadians holding Syracuese for a while. Historically it was the opposite, with the Americans in Gela and moving westwards and the Brits and Canadians in Syraceuse moving eastwards. I found some nice summary diagrams of the troops involved and the rough placements on the island from a Battlefield documentary..

 Allied forces

The geezer with the headshot is Arhtur Tedder, commanding the Air forces during the Invasion of Sicily.

Allied Forces in the Invasion of Sicily 1943

 Axis forces

The mugshot this time is of Wolfram von Richthofen, leading the Luftlotte 2 air forces.

Axis forces in the Invasion of Sicily 1943

Finally, just because I love these sort of maps, you can see the landings and movements of the invasion forces in the diagrams available from the Wikipedia entry


Operation Husky Landings


Allied movements across Sicily

If you’re interested in the game and want to know about its mechanics before you decide on whether to purchase it, check out the full manual as a PDF file.

If you enjoyed thius scenario, why not head over to The Wargamer forums and have a look at bootlegger267’s AAR of the same operation played through in Schwerpunkt’s latest title World War II Europe (WWIIE).

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