Piercing Fortress Europa – Video AAR- Sicily Scenario – Part 1

Well here’s my first go at a proper video AAR playing Piercing Fortress Europa. I thought its about time I give it a go, see if I could carry it off. I’ll apologise for my sniffs, my mumbling, and my ‘erms’ and hopefully with practice I’ll get a bit better at it.

I chose the 16 turn Sicily (tutorial) scenario to just run through some of the rules, and my decision processes as I play it out. I only manage to get to the first four turns in 30 minutes, but I tried to mention some of the fundamentals of the game, so that anyone trying the game for the first time could use this as a quick start guide.

Obviously, I’m not playing it for a real challenge, and I’m just trying to enjoy it – hopefully that comes across. I’m not massively familiar with all the games details and mechanisms, but I managed to get a grasp on the game fairly swiftly – but I’d imagine to play it well, under harder conditions, it would require more study of the manual.

Anyway, enjoy. More to follow, soon.


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Ian Bowes / spelk