Marauding with an Iron Grip

ISOTX the company behind the Iron Grip Universe and the strategy laden first person shooter game known as Iron Grip Warlord has begun Closed Beta testing on their latest project, Iron Grip Marauders. It seems to be a fusion of 3d tactical gameplay with a strategic layer behind it that is primarily played
through your web browser.

Their concept reminds me of the system employed with Dreamlords, where your troop management was executed via a web browser, and then when the actual combat plays out, it runs a dedicated piece of software to play out the 3d RTS game.

From this teaser trailer though, I think the 3d tactical stuff will play out in the browser as well, with possibly a specific plugin installed.

Overall though it looks an interesting concept, especially set within the confines of their steampunk Iron Grip world.

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Ian Bowes / spelk