Greedy for the Corp

Greed Corp. Its fairly straight forward actually, although seems complicated at first.

Its basically Risk, with destructible terrain. Your resources being collected by planting harvesters at the highest points on the map. Each Hex has up to 6 dots when you move your reticule over it, the dots represent its height. So a 6 dot hex is ideal for a harvester, because every turn, you net gold as the hex and its surrounding six hexes move down a level (lose a dot). Capturing hexes with units, Risk style is essential to also collect some gold per turn, and to stack units of up to 16 troops in them to protect your borders.

You can also build an armoury to recruit more troops, but it costs gold, and then each troop hired costs some gold. You can also build a Cannon, to fire on hexes. But you have to pay to build it, next turn, pay to stock it with ammo, then the third turn you can fire it. It hits a hex, damages any troops there, and drops the hex by 1 level (dot).

So as you can see, the game becomes a land grab at first, to plant harvesters at high points, and then to move your troops around, securing borders, keeping them away from low dot harvesters, because once they drop below the single dot height, the harvester and surrounding hexes can fall into oblivion. You can use the height and drop advantage to block attack routes, but also you can self destruct your own harvesters and take out areas without waiting for it to tick over. So they become a more active weapon in the end game.

Finally you can save up gold to afford an airship, which you call in one turn, and get to use it the next. You can transport up to 16 units across the map to any hex. Making incursions and takeovers possible, drop them in, build a harvester, and then detonate it. Nasty.

I suppose it does sound complex after all. But the mechanics are really simple. Its Risk mechanics. But with a level of verticality and a resource collection mechanism tied to placement of harvesters on the land.

I think coming up with good strategies for it, will take time. But it certainly makes you think, and theres enough explosions and action at a fast enough pace to make it outshine the positively pedestrian yawn fest that is Panzer General: Allied Assault. You can have up to 4 players in a match too, which will liven things up a bit.

Good stuff. Nice to see these sort of games making inroads into XBL.

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