Free the Spirit Engine 2!

Great news for the indie game playing public has just landed, that The Spirit Engine 2 is now being released as FREEWARE! Not such good news for the developer, since revenue from the game will stop.

The game itself is quite a complex tactical RPG, with some charming 2d imagery and storyline supporting it. The combat centers around a party of three characters that can be customised and tweaked and almost programmed into various RPG stereotypical roles. Tank, ranged damage, healer, buffer etc.

Rather than being strictly turn based, its centered around timers, and you have control over what skills are played, and how the party works as a well oiled killing engine.

It was well worth a look, for RPG and tweakers, when the game cost a few hard earned dollars! Its practically unmissable now that it is available for FREE!

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Ian Bowes / spelk