Flotilla: Pink vs Blue

Flotilla is an upcoming simultaneous turn based space combat game from Blendogames. It is due to be released shortly on both the PC and the Xbox 360 Indie Arcade. As you can see from this clip showing the tactical combat, its all about planning your ships manoeuvres in 3d space and then have them simultaneously resolved in real time. Depending upon how varied the tactical options and spacecraft classes are, this could very well be a more paced strategic version of Homeworld.

I particularly like the idea of the ‘Adventure mode’ where you take your fleet into randomly generated space and you explore and fight your way around the galaxy, if the diversity of each game can be preserved, this might prove a source of longevity for the game. It doesn’t sound like there is an online multiplayer mode, for you to battle other players, but seems to suggest support for a hotseat/splitscreen option.

I’m hoping the game will complement the likes of AI War: Fleet Command and Gratuitous Space Battles, giving you yet another level of appreciation of tactical spaceship combat. I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on this game in the future thats for sure.

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