Field of Glory: Tunis Turn 8

It’s not looking good for the Romans. My defensive line in the south has clumped together to form a ‘ball’ of men in varying states of cohesion. My offensive line in the north whilst holding the onslaught from the northwest, are being pelted by javelins from behind.

Despite my wheeling and turning around the pivotal centre, the Carthaginians have gained a state of being able to assault me from all sides. Their Elephants are still in tact and under control. Their Skirmishers and Cavalry constantly pick away at my rear no matter where I turn my Roman shield wall.

My offensive line is where it all stops, the last line of defence, the last stand of my Army. I feel the end is nigh.

I try to make tactical decisions to flip some situation in my favour, but the overwhelming multi-angled attacks coming from the ever-so cohesive Carthaginians has me mainly tied up in conflicts that are not favourable, and I’m forced to go through the motions and see my men die.

With a final show of force, a desperate push, I manage to rout another Elephant. Its a small victory, but these glimpses of revolt against the tide of oppression are the things that stick in my mind. I’m basically trying to eek small mini-wins at the unit vs unit basis, when my overall army is shot to hell.

My skirmishers sweep out to the right and banish the attackers from the rear, for now.

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Ian Bowes / spelk