Field of Glory: Tunis Turn 7

My lines still stand, my southern line taking most of the strain and subsequently showing Disrupted cohesion. Even my Field “two flag” Commander showing Fragmentation.

The Carthaginians attempt to press their advantage to the South and sweep around, although my rotation of my lines proving tricky for them to complete an encirclement.

Makris comments:

The battle is developing in a very strange way. How have you managed to get your right flank so far down on the board? I can’t quite get an encirclement going because you keep wheeling anti-clockwise. I think we’ll have to name this manoevre the spelk ‘dipsy-doodle’.
NOTE: A Colonel Klink “dipsy-doodle” is defined as “To move in or follow a zig-zag course”. This is the general method that Hogan takes when ever dealing with the Germans in Hogan’s Heroes.

With the weight of the Carthaginian army pressing down on my men, you’ve got to seize any moral boosting opportunity that you can, and this turn my stout Legionaries manage to rout one of the front line War Elephants. We celebrate the small victory over these fearsome beasts, and then without a moment for pause, we are quickly drawn back into an engagement with the African Spearmen.

I’m blowing my trumpet here, as we manage to punch a hole in the Carthaginian line, but it has little significance on the battle. We cannot exploit the gap, we’re too pressed by the wall of spearman advancing forward.

The Carthaginian Commander Hasdrubal has taken a small contingent and is chasing my fragmented and routed troops southwards. One of my commanders flees the field, a sign of things to come.

At the end of the turn the sheer weight of the Carthaginians approaching from the south has my lower line of defence withdrawing updwards. My line of offense locked in battle, sends its supporting skirmishers wide to the right to deal with the enemy who constantly harasses my rear.

The Elephants still take their toll, and I have a Legion routing in the center, with over 50% losses. It seems the Carthaginians are about to punch a hole through my mid-section.

Looking at the Victory Condition Scoreboard, my troops have already nearly reached their Break Point maximum, so it looks like their days are numbered.

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Ian Bowes / spelk