Field of Glory: Tunis Turn 4

The Carthaginian flanking groups are starting to exert the squeeze on my forces. My left flank appears to be quite weak at the lower left and has crumbled to a cavalry charge, opening a gap for their forces to pour through.

My mid line and my advancing offensive right flank has formed a solid dog-leg, but they’re up against Elephants at the moment. The Carthaginian Cavalry on my right flank have also managed to slink around my ‘closing lid’ and have started to attack my troops on their side and rear.

Makris commented:

A thing to note about the Roman legions is that they can take a lot of casualties before they rout.  One of yours in the front line has taken 52% casualties so far and is only disrupted.  This can be a bit deceiving by the end game as you can find yourself as the Romans going from having no routed legions to having the whole line collapse in one turn as they reach their casualty limits.

The other thing to notice that as the Carthaginians I got suckered into attacking piecemeal with my elephants, partly because you grouped your units up..  They should be in a neat line to support each other (as they are with yours).  As a result they are not doing too well.  The downside of your strategy is that I’ve already got some units in your rear.

I can see now, that the defensive line I formed on the left wasn’t actually comprised of troops strong enough to do the job, not only that, but I think I left the edges open and speeding cavalry can always zip round those, and begin to harass from the rear.

At the end of my turn, on the plus side I’ve managed to rout another one of the Elephants on the front line, however a Legion has also lost cohesion and had to withdraw from that line. So now there’s a slight bulge in the line I’m sure the Carthaginians will exploit.

My split right flank has managed to push the Cavalry attack back, forcing them to evade and flee to the hills. It has however left some roman units isolated without support from adjacent troops. I’ll have to try and bring them back into the fight.

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