Field of Glory: Tunis Turn 1

As I get the turn, the Carthaginians have already begun to move, the elephants are on the march!

I get a message from Makris, detailing the initial tactics for both sides..

IMHO the best way to play as the R(omans) here is to refuse one flank and then try and hit hard on the other and then envelope the C(arthaginian) centre before your refused flank crumbles.  It is a very near run thing when I’ve played it, and if you let your legions get too extended attacking the flank you are targetting they won’t be able to get back to complete the envelopment of the centre before your refused flank crumbles.

I usually refuse the left flank, as that seems to be the weakest.  It has more units, but they are more fragile than the “Allies Extraordinari” or whatever they are called (the guys in red dresses, not yellow).  Try and form a diagonal line down to the bottom of the board as it takes the Cs several turns to get into position which buys you time.

The problem is dealing with the elephants for the Rs.  The Medium Infantry (MI) are in fact better than the legions (Elephants (E) get a bonus against the slower moving Heavy Infantry (HI) I think).  But if you use them to screen the elephants you can’t get your flanks in order.  The R’s are always running the risk of being encircled here so be careful.

I’d also switch on your extra battle resolution information: it helps to show what’s going on.

I’ve tried to indicate the tactical movements planned, with my Roman left flank attempting to refuse the advancing Carthaginians (denoted in blue dotted line). The Roman plan to wheel round on the right hand side (blue arrow) and the Carthaginian plans to assault my left flank (red arrow), and push hard on my Legions with their War Elephant charge (red arrow). The yellow covered area is a toggle you can turn on to see the area of influence exerted by your leaders (the ones carrying green coloured flags – if you can just make them out).

My troops are a bit too clustered really, I need to try and assemble a line of resistance, and yet push my right flank forward. So I dutifully assemble a line admittedly with some of my weakest troops.

I begin the swing to the right of the main body of troops, and decide that I should cover this maneouvre with some skirmishers, who can chuck some javelins and worry the Carthaginian skirmishers lined up in front of their elephants.

I find the mechanism of troop movement is a bit trial and error, because you can only see your troops movement range once you click on that troop, so to move a body of troops together, you sort of have to estimate which troops move first, and try and plan based on the troops at the back. In earlier games I found I would often overextend a troop, from the pack, and the ones at the back couldn’t reach the frontline, leaving the most-at-risk troops exposed without support. So I dilligently move my troops, but they remain clustered, and I’m kind of feeling I should be arranging them into a continual line of defence.

Well thats it for the first turn, the Romans are on the move also.

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