Field of Glory Half Price till 12th December!

The digital version of the Ancients tabletop wargame, Field of Glory, is now available at half price (about $19.99/£13)  to celebrate its first birthday! This offer only holds until 12th December!

Ian McNeil from Slitherine announced the price slash

A year and half a million multiplayer turns after release, Slitherine discloses stats and numbers THE FIGHT KEEPS GOING ON THE FIELD OF GLORY

To celebrate the first birthday of Field of Glory, the game will be sold at a 50% discount on both Slitherine and Matrix site until the 12th of December

The release of Field of Glory in late 2009 took the wargaming world by storm. The digital adaptation of tabletop wargaming rules came to revolutionize how PC wargames are played online, supported with the help of the community and expanded. Never before has a product seen such intense participation of an ever-expanding fan base and such continuous support by a publisher, developer and fans as a whole.
Since its release, the game has expanded into a humongous project, featuring 1043 different battle group images, 90 historic battles, 4 army packs with 206 different armies to choose from, hundreds of new features and it’s not over yet!

My advice, GRAB IT WHILST ITS HOT! The expansions take the original game on from purely the Ancient armies and bring in Medievil conflicts, with a gaming system so adaptable, we’ll have Napoleon era battles before you know it.

Happy Birthday Field of Glory, wishes you all the best!

Check out a couple of FoG AAR’s I did early last year, taking baby steps into Ancient wargaming myself.

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