Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 7

The middle of my Left Flank is looking in poor shape as we step into Turn 7 of the battle. Theres a gaping hole in my line, the troops jostling around center are disrupted or overworked holding back two or three incoming ferocious Macedonians. My lower left line and reserves are also disrupted but holding out to the weaker enemy down there. My stronger upper right wheeling round hoping to bear upon the enemy from the side.

At the end of the turn, most of my attacks have been forced upon me, and some of the weaker foot soldiers have also disrupted due to the pressure. My whole left line is crumbling, my hope is that they can just hold out enough to allow the right hand side wheel around and come crashing down on the engaged Macedonians.

Turning my attention to the Right Flank of this battle, my troops on the center and far right are beginning to overcome the tenacious Macedonians forces there. With my cavalry attacking engaged troops from the rear I decide to bring my skirmishers up north to pelt the remaining troops from on high.

My smaller in number lower left troops are about to scissor around and lock shields with the Macedonian Offensive Spears, but I’ve got my War Elephant placed too far away from the front line to have any effect. So I decide to run the Elephant through the gap behind my troops and begin his charge from the top.

At the end of the Turn with most of the Macedonians on the right routed or disrupted it will be time to swing my right offensive line all the way round to begin to support the left, following in the large footpads of my War Elephant.

My hope now, is that I can steamroller the Macedonians on the left of this Right Flank, and then bring whatever forces I can bear onto the Left Flank conflict.

Looking at the “scores on the doors” it can be stated that the battle is fairly even, but with a slight nudge towards my Roman troops, since I have a slightly larger army. If I can maintain momentum on the right, and hold out with the shaken troops on the left, I might be able to squeeze a victory here.. maybe..

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