Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 6

Coming into Turn 6, my Left Flank is still a cohesive line of defense, but those surgical points of attack on the line are starting to take their toll. Particularly the unit stranded on the left of the line has been decimated with 50% loss of troops (denoted by 2 skulls, each skull being a loss of 25%). Theres also a unit deep in the middle of the line, that has taken some punishment and is now Fragmented, a state of cohesion that is only a hard hit away from routing.

My weaker support troops continue their run to bolster the left flank, and to choke up the attack from Troy’s Cavalry.

After my turn has played out, on the Left Flank, you can see that my decimated troop has routed – shortening the line and leaving a gaping hole for Troy’s three fresh spearmen units to march through. I push a middle unit forward, attempting to shake up Troy’s troops at my North (however it becomes Disrupted in the process). I also attempt to run in my reserves from the right hand side.

I want to push the Macedonians in the North, further up, and if possible rout most of them, so I can turn my line anti-clockwise, and settle a steely face of defiance to the strong Macedonian spearmen on my left.

On my Right Flank, I’m counting on my conflicts ending more favourably. I present two strong curves of attack, with cavalry and skirmishers in support on the far right. The push on the right is going to become very important, to secure a win here. My left is struggling.

My Elephant Battlegroup has managed to secure a rout, but troops in that group have taken a beating (I’ve indicated the line as broken). With 25% loss on my pivotal Northern unit, and my trailing skirmisher in the group being Fragmented and prone to rout next turn.

My Offensive Spearman fronted by a Legion continue their attack, supported by my cavalry from the right. The enemy is Disrupted, perhaps one more turn can tip them over the edge, and I can finally begin the march to get my Right Flank into the battle on the left.

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