Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 5

The Macedonian assault is still underway on my left flank. With my left front line bracing the push from the North at two main points of attack.

I decide to sweep whatever spare troops I have at the rear, to the left to not necessarily put up a decent fight, but more to delay the flanking manoeuvre. Even if I can hold them in battle for only one or two turns, it might give me a time to wheel some troops round that can put up a decent fight.

I expected the Macedonians to smash into my front as a wave,¬† but it seems as though Troy is picking away at my line from a couple of focussed points of attack, making sure he has one or two units in reserve to bring to bear on the same area. If I take any of my troops that are placed in between these areas of attack, and sweep them round, I’ll break my line, and open myself up for his reserves to pour in and come at my from numerous sides. I’ve no spare troops of any quality¬† to speak of to line up behind these points of weakness.

My right flank looks slightly more disorganised, but the clashes are clustered and where contact has been made, I have a number of troops double teaming the attackers. However, Troy still has fresh strong units in reserve up the hill, to the North.

My battlegroup supported by my War Elephant is engaged, the outlying Legion to the right can be swung around anti-clockwise to bring arms to bear on Troy’s reinforcements up the hill. I decide to envelope whatever troops are on my right with my Offensive Spearmen. Theres still going to be a battle on, because yet again, Troy has troops in reserve high up – an occuring theme in this battle – but hopefully I’ll be able to form an offensive line and march it forward once I’ve cleaned up the detritus.

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