Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 3

At the start of Turn 3, we’ve had one or two tussles with ranged attacks from both sides, and a lot of movement –  jiggling around troops into formation, with the Macedonians breaking up as they charge down the hill, funnelled into channels.

From what I can gather, Troy is attempting to slam his cavalry into my soft leftmost flank, where all I have are some cavalry and ranged javelin troops. The main bulk of his army is coming from the north to assault my left defensive line. He also has a smaller battle-group descending onto a plateau to take on my right offensive line.

Taking each flank separately, this turn I have advanced my  Left as a line, and have brought my javelin throwers to pelt the advancing Macedonian cavalry. I know they have no hope in stopping the charge, but they can perhaps harass them, affecting their cohesion (slightly), especially since they are out of their commanders zone of influence (indicated by the white “palm of the hand” symbol).

As I get closer to the Macedonians I can imagine a two pronged attack onto my main line, with his archers providing extra annoyance.

My Right Flank is trying to move around and present a staunch wall for the  Macedonians to crash against. I’ve had some trouble getting them into position, and still my right most troops are split from the main pack. With my Light Horse being disrupted early, I decide to run my commander over to rally them.

My initial plan was to gain the high ground with this group, however with all the problems I’ve had moving them into an offensive position, I might be forced to take a more defensive posture.  In the game we have spent the first three turns just moving troops into position really, we’ll see how that affects the outcome when the armies clash, in a turn or two.

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