Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 1

One of the reassuring factors of playing a wargame that has its scenario based in history, is that you can research the conflict, see what happened and adjust your play with that background knowledge in mind. With this, I had a look over the wikipedia entry for the Battle of Cynoscephalae, and got a feel for what the Romans well, and ultimately what won the battle for them.

From the initial positions, and troop strengths I’d decided to make my right hand flank offensive, pushing forward to attempt to secure the right hand side hill. My left flank will advance slightly, but then set up and await the rush of the Macedonian army as they come charging down the left hand side hill.

I thought I might reinforce my left defensive line with a few units from the center, since the Macedonian force they’ll face on the left is slightly more numerous – hopefully evening up the numbers. My offensive line has cavalry and skirmishers on the far right, and I’ll sweep them round high. But, I have a small Elephant contingent in the center, which will hopefully provide some extra muscle in the offence.

My greatest concern is of the Macedonian pike troops, I’m not sure how my Roman Legions will fair when the initial impact combat resolves.

Troy comments:

The thing about pike units is that they suck in rough terrain. They will get disordered more quickly. This will not show up as a Disruption, since it isn’t, but will be reflected in the status window. It has the same effect as Disruption though. So the system models it, but it doesn’t necessarily show it well.

Historically, the thing here was an opportune movement by a Roman centurion hitting a gap in the Macedonian lines. Spears and pikes are super fragile on the flanks and rear.

So it seems if I can secure the right hill, I may be able to follow the historical battle with a flanking manoeuvre and rattle the pike troops. However, since Troy knows about this weakness, I doubt it will play out in this way.

After moving my troops, you can see my defensive line on the left hasn’t quite formed into a line yet – a symptom of having to travel across the rugged terrain.

Now its time for the Macedonians to make their move..

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2 thoughts on “Field of Glory: Cyno Turn 1

  1. My general experience with this scenario is that the Romans tend to win on their right against the average pikes and to lose on their left against the superior pikes. This is due to relative numbers of troops for each army on the respective flanks as well as the troop qualities. The winner of the battle usually is determined by which sides right flank wins first and can re-deploy to attack the other’s left flank.

    Use of terrain in this battle also tends to be critical. Not just for bad terrain but also in strategically making use of high ground.


  2. Try to make sure that your legionaries charge/impact into the pikes as that can often disrupt enough of them to slowly make a difference in the ensuring melee phases.
    Also watch out for them being on a higher hill as that gives them a POA in the melee.
    My experience is similiar to Chris’ – do well on the right but not so good on the left.
    I’ve really enoyed your AAR’s.
    Cheers Peter

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