Field of Glory: Battle of Cynoscephalae 197 B.C.

Having gone through the Battle of Tunis turn by turn, learning with the aid of a helpful player Makris, Ive been playing one or two of the scenarios in the game and have actually won a couple of them! This new found confidence, has sparked my enthusiasm to have a go at another AAR. So I decided to ask the seasoned strategy gamer and podcast  host, Troy Goodfellow. Troy runs a strategy blog at and puts out a weekly strategy gaming podcast known as Three Moves Ahead, which I’ve been following intently for just under a year now.

Much to my joy, Troy agreed to face me on the battlefield, as an honoured guest I offered up the choice of Battle to him. I can’t promise him a competitive fight or even a competant opponent, but I hope the AAR will be interesting and entertaining for us both.

Here’s the flavour text provided by the scenario description:

The Battle of Cynoscephalae 197 B.C.


Romans vs. Macedonians


Flaminus vs. King Philip V


Second Macedonian War (200-196 B.C.)

Game Summary

High complexity, 57 battle groups, 20 game turns, Romans move first


After the end of the Punic Wars Rome needed only a minor pretext to declare war on Macedon.  The Macedonian army of 197 B.C. was no longer the elite fighting force of Alexander the Great.  The Roman army was the victor of the Punic Wars.  Both armies virtually stumbled upon each other in a deep fog before the battle.  The battleground was not of either sides choosing being across a number of low hills.  The ground was treacherous and it was very difficult for either side to deploy their close order troops effectively.   This would turn out to be disastrous for the Macedonian phalanx.

Player Notes

The ‘red‘ Roman Legionary battle groups are veterans of the Second Punic War.  The ‘blue‘ Legionary battle groups are less enthusiastic Italian Allied legions.

For further information about the Battle you can find the wikipedia entry here, with some strategy maps on how the battle unfolded. Its interesting to note that the outcome of the battle was very dependant upon the hilly terrain and the unfavourable weather conditions. Hopefully FoG will be able to model these environmental factors and reflect at least some of the conditions during the conflict.

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