Exclusive Screenshots of Schwerpunkt’s World War II Europe!

Ron Dockal of Schwerpunkt Wargames has given exclusive rights to host the latest screenshots of his World War II Europe (WWIIE) game currently in development. WWIIE is an evolution of the Schwerpunkt engine, combining the theatres covered with his previous two games Russo-German War and Anglo-German War, and it takes the engine to another level by refining existing features, and adding a whole host of new features bringing one of the best operational wargames up to date.

Without further ado, here are the screenshots of the current France 1940 scenario.

 France 1940 (High level)


 France 1940 (Medium Level)



France 1940 (Low Level)



Many thanks to Ron, for sharing his work in progress with us. I can’t wait till the game has been honed and finished and we can get our hands on it to play it!

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