Evochron: Time to be Mercenary

The time to afterburn your way past the Military cruiser has come, shedding your service record, and your uniform, ignoring your trading past. The time to reap what you deserve by unleashing your combat prowess for the highest price. It’s time to be Mercenary.

Evochron Mercenary has been released, the most recent iteration of the Evochron space sim, from Alliance and Renegades through to Legends. The engine running the game is constantly being refined, enhanced and flavoured with new and exciting mechanics.

If you have any passing interest in space flight combat sims, and sandbox gameplay with multiplayer capabilities and player centric customisation then you really should step aboard the StarWraith 3D spaceship and load up their datacube onto your holoview.

Check out the latest Newsletter that details discounts available for players who have already bought Evochron Legends and/or Evochron Renegades.

If you want to try out the new game before stumping up the cash for a pilots license, then you can download the time limited demo here.

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Ian Bowes / spelk