Dungeon Solitaire Explained!

Theres now a video detailing the ins and outs of the Dungeon Solitaire game, so I thought it worthy of a post here.

Also, the shuffling loop I was caught in one game is being worked upon. Apparently there is a mechanism within the game that should call a Draw after 5 iterations of the loop, so perhaps I didn’t give it long enough. But Griptonite are listening to their players (on Touch Arcade, Board Game Geek amongst other places) and are putting mechanisms in place to fix this occasional oddity.

Again, I just wanted to add my vote of support for what Griptonite are doing, there are too many tacky unimaginative card games on the iPhone without any real entertainment value. I love the Solo/Solitaire format of the game. For me the excitement is in adapting to the draw, making the decisions quick and off the cuff, so as to maximise the likelihood of a win. Its not about deck building and stacking the deck, its about going out there, and adventuring with whats been dealt to you. Sheer Brilliance.

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