Din’s Curse: Pre-order Available!

It seems the guys at (you know, the ones who were responsible for Depths of Peril, and Kivi’s Underworld) have another game lurking in the action RPG dungeon, entitled Din’s Curse. And you can now show your support Pre-order it!!

Soldak take the action RPG genre and enjoy twisting it a little, pushing boundaries that Diablo once made Sacred (wink wink). With Depths of Peril they added a sort of diplomacy and conquest twist, where you had faction tribes and allies, and you built your base of operations up through hacking and slashing and acquisition. Then you overthrew the others.  With Kivi’s Underworld, you are thrown into a generated world, where loot is more like action game powerups (skills and spells) and you see how far you can go.

Well Din’s Curse is another action RPG, but with more dynamically generated quests and events thrown at you. Every game is different. I’m looking forward to this game, since I was a fan of Depths of Peril in a big way, so my pre-order is already in!

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