Digitanks Upgraded!

I just had to pipe up about the recent update to Digitanks, a turn based game of neon tron-like artillery conquest. The latest patch version 1.1, really picks up the presentation.


Digitanks Artillery Update Trailer from Jorge Rodriguez on Vimeo.

I’ve supported this title since I first got wind of it, because it seemed to mix in some nice concepts of territorial acquisition coupled with unit combined arms and upgrades. The Tron-like play inside of a computer system is very reminiscent of the likes of Darwinia and Multiwinia, but, the key difference is this is turn based. Slow and considered planning. With alternate firing options and offensive/defensive postures. Your units are controlled by your processing power, and the ability to capture power nodes (Capacitors) across the map. You extend your control by building buffers to relay your power.

I’ve not played it a lot, but what I’ve sampled has at first intrigued me, and with this latest edition its started to command more attention. Definitely worth keeping an eye on, if not taking the plunge to support a deserving indie developer.

Theres a DEMO available.

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