Deliriously Happy I should be Sectioned…

One of my favourite shooters of last year was Section 8, and TimeGate Studio have announced that they’re releasing an expansion or a mini-sequel as such, called Section 8: Prejudice. Just give me a minute while I do a “happy dance” around the room…

The main attraction for me was that Section 8 melded futuristic shooting with strategic defensive deployment and firefights that involved planning and co-ordination to win rather than the lone wolf cheapo camping one-shot kills! And it had jetpacks! And dynamic side missions offered up as tasty snacks during the normal “Capture and Defend the Base” mechanics. Did I mention there was quite an extensive Class tweaking mechanism involved, along with the ability to lay down health stations where you could swap classes mid-game, to meet some unexpected counter attack? Did I mention the ability to call in large fierce battle armour to wear and chew up the enemy stompy robot style? Did I mention the key drop pod spawn mechanic where you can direct your assaults by landing from the skies to support your team mates? Did I mention that there are anti-air turrets that seriously hinder your ability to drop into the action wherever you want? I could go on.

Sadly Section 8 wasn’t the massive hit it deserved to be. There wasn’t anything wrong with the game as such (apart from the 4-man tank being a bit tricky to navigate properly), but it just didn’t hit the gaming zeitgeist at the right time, or it didn’t manage to promote itself to the right crowd. I think a lot of your average Modern Warfare shooter crowd, just wouldn’t get the attrition style gameplay that the guns offer in Section 8, you have to wear down your opponent through shields and battle armour first. A combined effort is needed, not a solo hybrid kitted camping one shot killer.

Fingers crossed this expansion/sequel/revamp will bring in to the Section 8 world a new influx of players keen to taste one of the best thinking mans team game there is, and finally TimeGate would get some recognition for being a company that genuinely innovates in the genres it develops in.

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