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I’ve been a member of Conquer Club for quite some time now, and although many people frown upon the Risk based genre, theres nothing like a quick couple of turns during a lunchtime at work to get the old juices flowing. Particularly since there are some damn fine maps available for the game. Some which are quite complex and need some real digestion time to work out the interplay between regions and special options (like conditional attack rules, or unit bonus rewards or punishments).

The range of maps have been quite extensively play tested by the community, and there are beta maps under scrutiny as we speak. However, I thought I’d display a selection of the maps available with a war-themed bent, to visually entice some of you to sign up to the game (its free if you only want to play a max of 4 games at a time, and you can only join games that are open for players). Look over these maps, see if you fancy your chances playing Risk on these finely crafted, soaked in history custom boards.

Pearl Harbour



The Ardennes

Omaha Beach


Europe 1914

And for something a little more ancient, how about..

Imperium Romanum

Marvel at the mapwork, the artwork and the complex rules and interactions, but most of all, give it a try out.

You might enjoy it!

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