Brother Against Brother Video AAR – Part 1

Brother Against Brother

With the recent release of the tactical American Civil War game Brother Against Brother, I’ve been bewitched by this game. The slow planning and careful jostling of line infantry in between artillery pieces, with cavalry support, has had me transfixed to its charms.

Early on, I piped up about a distancing in the game during combat resolution – essentially as soon as it was time for me to watch the outcomes play out on my men, so carefully placed, the whole map would zoom out to an almost intolerant distance. 80% of my screen would become worthless, and the actual mini-ball and shot exchange was minute. A loss of immersion had happened. I realise the devs where trying to give you an overview, a bigger picture of the whole battlefield, but it really felt like something was lost in the process. The intimacy with your men. As their guiding commander.

Well, I was so invested in these 19th century blighters that I, amongst many others, posted up about such issues, and the devs listened intently and began about tweaking and patching the game up taking on board community ideas. So, I held off doing a video AAR of the game, till the zoom level could be tamed during combat resolution and so the viewing audience could see up close and personal the actual action. That day has come, since beta patch 1.03, and so here goes.


I’ve turned the ambient music off, and I take my time explaining some of the mechanisms involved in the game. I only manage to get through Turn 1 without any shots fired, but hopefully next video I can make up for it, and show you some real action.


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