Becoming Immortal

Immortal Defense (ID), a spiffing story based Sci Fi Tower Defense game, featured in our Top 10 Indie Games you should try article, is now priced at “Pay What You Want”, a new pricing model being trialled for Indie gamers.

Heres the skinny from ID’s dev, Paul Eres:


Immortal Defense, our story-based tower defense strategy game, is now available at whatever price you’d like to pay for it (with a minimum of $1.75 to cover fees).

Note that this is not a sale and not time-limited, it is a test of using this model as a permanent price. We can always switch back some time in the future if it doesn’t work as well, but we do like this model and hope that it can work as the standard price for indie games, as it has with Jason Rohrer’s Sleep is Death.

Please help us make this model successful by spreading the word on this news. You can find the game here:

I know that many of you have already bought it, but if you liked the game, please let people know about the new pay whatever you like model. Thanks!

Also, our next game, Saturated Dreamers, is still in production (and has been for the last three years), but we’ll have more news on that soon for those who are curious about it.

– Paul

So if you like unique Tower Defense games that deviate from the shambling horde, get yourself over to StudioEres and snap up this bargain, for whatever you want to pay!

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