Battles from the Bulge: Hell on Wheels

This was my third playthrough, my first, I tried as the Germans, but I struggled big time with the American Armour rolling all over me.

I tried to maintain a very tight level of control playing as the Americans, and I think I way too cautious, which seems to be the way I play the game if I think too much about each engagement. I was making good progress, if I’d have had another couple of days to play with, I’d have made it. But as it was, I hadn’t made my push forward fast enough, and even though I got most of the objectives under my belt, it was still a draw.

So, this my third play through of the scenario, I decided to play it at as high an operational level as I could manage. I was going to move the Task Forces (labelled TFA, TFB, TFC and TFD)  around and not attempt to go any lower down the tree than that. I was also going to hand control of the artillery over to the AI. Normally, I like to keep my hands on most of the Arty, but this time, they’re all set to On Call.

My big plan was to sweep the CCA and TFB all along the northern roads bypassing Amonines and head for Dochamps from the off. The big push. TFA would attack Beffe and then hold it for as long as it takes. Whilst TFC would sweep through Amonines and then wheel round and come upon the forces on “Hill 400” from behind. TFD would advance and hold Magoster.

If I could secure the initial Objectives, I would attempt a push piece-meal through Devantave and Laidprangeleux. But my ultimate focus would be getting TFB (and the CCA following it somewhat behind) to Dochamps.

I was pleased to see my forces taking the objectives and then holding them, against a number of German counters. By evening, they were all in defendable positions and able to rest. If nothing else this game has taught me the importance of night time rest and supply.

TFC was key in disrupting the forces on the Hill, their sweep in behind caused a lot problems, and cross covering fire was being applied from units at Magoster and Amonines.

TFB had made it to Dochamps and they were dispatching any forces there. Lastly, I’d made a push with TFA from Beffe through to Devantave, using an armoured vehicle from the 66th to sit on Beffe.

Before their attack had engaged, I recieved a most unusual message:

Sir, Kampfgruppe Kreutz HQ offers to surrender. To accept, select the “Accept Surrender” button in the Display Toolbar.

Ok, I accept. A Decisive Victory!! Wow!

CCA had made it to Amonines, so was still able to supply all my troops easily. I guess the fast roll through made by TFB, and no doubt the losses at Beffe and on the Hill, shook the Germans into a Surrender.

I’m really pleased with the outcome, its my first Decisive Victory in the game!

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