Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 3

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The mood swings low again as the rain pelts down.

Checking the Objective/Victory conditions, it seems as if 61 power points were gained by the Polish Army and their retreat into the Warsaw/Modlin area. 190 more power points will spell my doom.

At the beginning of Turn3 for the Germans here is the lie of the land:

Immediately you can see that the Poles have encroached further around the Lowicz area, and to the far east they’ve begun a drive southwards.

My plans so far have only included the stopping of the Polish retreat, but if I manage to succeed at that its still only a Draw result. I have to raise my expectations and look to the Win, which means taking Warsaw. With that in mind, I need to know what forces are surrounding the North of Warsaw. I need to recon the Modlin Fortress area.

My planes meet up with some flak over the fortress, but luckily no hits land.

As you can see, there is a small force holding the fortress area.

Now that the southern line of Polish troops defending the Warsaw/Modlin area have been exposed, I need to see the type and quality of the troops stationed there. So I send a recon patrol over their heads.

Again no damage due to Flak.

There seems to be a substantial defensive force gathering at the crossroads, with some infantry and cavalry protecting the river crossing over the Warsaw/Modlin area.

I decide to blow the remaining recon mission on seeing what awaits me in the heart of Warsaw itself.

A flak unit, some aircraft and the Polish Headquarters. It seems the majority of the defensive push is outside of the city itself.

My attention turns to the quagmire of Polish troops surrounding Lowicz. In an attempt to slow their progress further eastwards I get my engineers just outside the town to try and blow the bridge.

The bridge goes up in smoke! Just.

It won’t stop their push east, but it might just slow them down enough for me to funnel my disparate troops up the eastern road to head them off, as they march through the fields. I’m kind of hoping that my troops are faster by road and this could give me a slight advantage in getting to where I want them to be.

The annoying Polish Cavalry unit that’s hooked around the town and has started to harass my troops on the road is going to take some fire.

My infantry hits them hard, killing a lot of horsemen and forcing a retreat.

With my focus on holding the Polish back, I figure my best chance at getting into Warsaw is going to be through the use of my Panzers. I speed them up to the Northern most edge of the Southern Warsaw/Modlin defensive line, with a view to push past the line and into the city. I’m not sure they’ll have the speed to accomplish this task, especially going over the rough of the fields and skirting the marshlands of the Kampinos Forest. Seems like a gamble.

With some of my artillery positioned close to the Southern Warsaw/Modlin defensive line, I decide to test their mettle and bombard the line at the crossroads.

All my guns pumping shells over, hit them hard, but it doesn’t shake them enough to retreat.

Here’s the extent of the Polish Warsaw Defense, the main thrust to the South. With the fortress looking quite a tough emplacement to get troops through, my hopes for a Victory are tied to a few tanks. Tanks that have to sneak past a defensive line and race into the City, before the line can react. I get the sinking feeling my offensive strategy is significantly weak. I should have factored the attack into my game from the very start.

If I can’t push those Panzers through, my fall back plan is to soak the waistline area with what I can, and hopefully prevent the retreat enough to pull off a Draw.

Here’s the lie of the land at the end of Germany’s Turn 3.

Again, looking at the Sector’s and detailing the immediate plans for next turn.


The area around Lowicz hasn’t gone as I planned, I thought I’d be well behind the town and more to the North. Still if I can shift my forces along the roads towards Sochaczew perhaps we can halt them there. There’s a stubborn defender entrenched in Sochaczew, he needs taking care of.


I think in the west, I’ve been overly concerned about supply issues from North to South, when I could have reassigned HQ’s and not split my forces and wasted valuable movement time just securing roadways.

I begin the move eastwards, with a bit of luck, perhaps I can turn this fiasco into my advantage and hit the troops around Lowicz from the rear.


You can see my blatant error in splitting my forces across the river. I decide to push south east and deep into the bulge. I’ll worry about supply later, once I assess what roads I’m going to haveĀ  in my zones of control.


My Northern Sweep has hit a defensive pocket at Wyszvogrod, and previously I had toyed with pushing them onwards towards the Fortress, but having re-conned that area I don’t think there’s going to be a passage through without serious slowdowns. So perhaps I’ll continue the push into the waistline, and hopefully dislodge the troops immediately South of Wyszvogrod.

Stay tuned for Turn 4!

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