Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 2

Check out the Polish Turn 2 over at Fog Of Wargames.

I feel a lift in my army’s spirits as I begin the German Turn 2, the weather has cleared up, the outlook seems a little brighter. Tis a good day to fight!

Checking out the Objectives/Victory Conditions screen, we can see that from last turn 31 Polish troops/Powerpoints  (1149 this turn – 1118 last turn) have managed to scrabble back to the Warsaw-Modlin area.

The lie of the land at the beginning of the German Turn 2 is as follows:

Most of my recon has been engulfed in the fog of war again, however the strong continuous line of defense around the Warsaw-Modlin area is clearly exposed. Also you can make out one or two units in defense on the central border and a pocket of Polish troops over to the west.

This turn my plan is simple, to move my forces up to the lines of resistance, and to manoeuvre the majority of them towards the “waist” between the towns of Wyszvogrod in the North and Sochaczew in the South.

My first move is to fly more recon to see whats around the waistline area. I send a patrol out from Lodz to uncover what resistance lies in Sochaczew.

As you can see, the small orange aircraft icons depict the range of my recon patrol, I can just about make it to Sochaczew from Lodz. [EDIT: Correction pointed out by Barthheart in the comments “The small orange plane symbols mark the range limit of your planes ability to intercept enemy aircraft. Your scouting range is shown by the lightly greyed hexes. In this scenario you can do recon all the way to Warsaw from Lodz.”]

It seems as though we have a small garrison in Sochaczew itself, with an unknown force on the North Western road out of the town itself. The force has been determined to be the Poznan ND (National Defense) of the Poznan Army.

I want to know what the force on the North Western road is, so I send another air patrol out to perform the reveal. It seems we have the 16th Infantry Division from the Pomorze Army – a sizeable force with AT/Mortars and a little Tank support.

No doubt more numbers of the Pomorze Army are on their way back from the North West area.

Blocking my troops to the South West of Sochaczew you can see the Kaliska ND. Another sizeable gathering of infantry to prevent crossing of the river running through Sochaczew.

You should also notice the Polish Cavalry unit (Kresowa Cavalry Brigade of the Lodz Army) making an attempt to prevent my Panzers from heading northwards into the Eastern delta around Sochaczew.

I decide its time to rain down some hellfire onto the Cavalry. I launch an Air strike onto the unit.

The small strafing run kills a few of the horsemen.

I move my troops around the Cavalry unit, encircling and isolating it, and then launch a bombardment onto the Cavalry’s position.

The pounding they take kills more horsemen and takes out their Artillery components (Canon de 75mm).

To add insult to injury, I now send what ground troops I have with Action points remaining to assault their position.

The poor Cavalry and their supporting units are panicked, overwhelmed and destroyed.

Leaving the way clear, on the next turn, for my troops to sweep up and occupy the area directly East of Sochaczew.

Meanwhile, on the far Eastern side of the map, I have a small force from the 1st Panzers holding the area close to the Southern flank of Warsaw.

The 1st Panzers of the XVI Motorised Corps  comprise of

And the Polish 2nd Tank Battalion of the Lodz Army.

1st Panzers make their attack on the 2nd Battalion!

The Polish tanks are pushed back.

I have some troops enter the map from the South West yet they are attached to the III Corps headed by von Kluge in the North East. Its seems that they are currently out of supply, with the western roads running North to South being blocked by the enemy’s zones of control. You should be able to see the supply route (depicted by small red arrows).

Since these troops are going to become key in the defense of Lodz, I begin a series of manoeuvres, with the forces held to the North West, to re-establish the supply lines from North to South.

As I sweep the Northern troops forward along the line of the Vistula river, I grow concerned of Polish troops poking their head out of the Bulge and cutting my vital lines of supply. So I decide to use my Engineers to blow the main bridge crossing the Vistula preventing swift access North in the central area of my advance. I may even garrison a unit there to spot and hold any resistance looking to break out.

So, finally, here’s the state of play at the end of my turn 2.

I thought since I’ve gone a bit overboard on describing this turn in detail, it wouldn’t harm to do an overview of the different sectors and the planned movements for the turns ahead.


1st Panzer to hold the Warsaw front. Along with a minimal defensive holding line along the Warsaw-Modlin area east of Warsaw.

Remaining troops funnelled up and through Sochaczew, hopefully to meet up with the Northern sweep and form up an impenetrable barrier against the retreating Polish.


Hold the crossing around Lowicz, push Northwards if possible to stem the flow. Move all I can eastwards to support these actions.


Defend the approaches to Lodz AT ALL COSTS! Move anything else eastwards to support the push to the “waistline”.


I’ve had to split my forces here, pushing the majority eastwards in the “Northern Sweep”, but some units have had to make sure the supply lines from North to South remain open. I have to support the defense of Lodz.


Sweep everything towards the town of Wyszvogrod, wreck the bridges if necessary to prevent overly stretched and taught supply lines from being cut.

Stay tuned for Turn 3…

6 thoughts on “Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 2

  1. Great work on the AAR from both sides. Great read.

    A couple of comments:
    1. “As you can see, the small orange aircraft icons depict the range of my recon patrol,…”
    This statement is not correct. The small orange plane symbols mark the range limit of your planes ability to intercept enemy aircraft.
    Your scouting range is shown by the lightly greyed hexes. In this scenario you can do recon all the way to Warsaw from Lodz.

    2. Don’t forget that to win the Germans must hold both Lodz AND Warsaw, not just stop the Poles from retreating. Don’t wait too long before attacking towards Warsaw or you could end up in a draw.

  2. Thanks for your comments barthheart. Much appreciated.

    1) I’ve been wrongly assuming the range was limited to those icons.. bah.. I could’ve scouted out Wyszvogrod from the start! Very useful to know.

    2) This is something I’ve not factored in to my initial plans, and it seems glaringly obvious now that you’ve pointed it out! If I only stop the polish retreat, I will get a draw – so time to bend my plans into pushing the “waistline” back eastwards to assault Warsaw head on, or to keep the Northern Sweep going beyond the Kampinos Forest and into Warsaw.. I better start laying down some recon into Warsaw to see what the Polish have there.

    Thanks again for your insights Bart!

  3. Very nice!! Can we get bigger screenshots, though? It’s hard to see much of anything in the more zoomed out pics.

  4. @Ricardo, thanks for the kind words.

    I’ve tried to make the screenshots as clear as I can, within the 600 pixel width window I have to play with. I wanted to create a readable AAR where you could read the text and take in the screenshots at the same time. Without having to click on thumbnails and open up further windows, to then have to flick back and forth from image to text to try and follow the action.

    With the larger map views, they are terribly compressed – but I hope they give a sense of unit presence, rather than being able to see actual units involved. Then I try to include a shedload more bigger shots where you can see the units properly.

    If I can figure out a decent enough way to provide full sized screen shots with the ones constrained within the blog’s width, I’ll do it. I just don’t want to interrupt the flow of the content, if you see what I mean. 🙂

  5. @Ricardo, I’ve managed to link the Start and End maps to larger versions, so just click on the map image and you’ll load up the larger one. Hope that helps a bit.

  6. That’s exactly what I had in mind, Spelk: clicking on the pics to get bigger versions. Before I’d click and get only the exact same size pic (and it would actually end up looking even smaller, LOL, all by its lonesome self in a huge 1920×1080 blank window, hehe). It’s close to perfect now, thanks! 🙂 It was a bit painful trying to get the most of the turn 1 AAR when I could not read a single village/town/city name on the map, except for two that happened to be displayed on a zoomed in pic!

    Best of luck for Turn 3!

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