Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Bzura AAR – Turn 1

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I load up the PBEM turn file for Germany, and I survey the field of battle. It takes me a while to assimilate my forces, and I systematically select all the leaders in turn, taking in their names and their forces. I’ve found I need this period of gentle appreciation of what I have in front of me to focus my attention on their position and content. It’s a settling in process to help immerse me in the scenario, so that it becomes a struggle of personalities and men rather than mere chits shuffling about in a hex grid.

As the German turn begins, we find out that the weather is not good.

Checking the Objectives and Victory Conditions

The initial map:

As with all beginnings much of the map is cloaked in a fog of war, so my first task at hand was to send out air reconnaissance as far as I could and lift the veil. All of my air assets are stationed at Lodz (just off the map to the South), currently in German hands.

The only polish troops I can spot are entrenched along the perimeter of the greater Warsaw & Modlin area (you should be able to just make out the area by the tiny red dots cordoning off a chunk of the North Eastern end of the map). That line is the area the Polish troops have to perform a mass exodus to. To surround and defend Warsaw. One of my immediate aims is to prevent this from happening.

I order a recon patrol around Kutno, to de-cloak any forces around the Western Polish Front.

My planes encounter some Flak, but luckily there are no casualties.

More polish troops are slowly revealed..

I continue the recon missions until I’ve used up all my Movement Points for all my Air units. Here is the map unveiled by the Luftwaffe’s efforts.

Finally, I can see what lies before me. Now I can lay down my plans, and begin the advance.

With two goals in mind, I must:

  1. Bisect the bulge of retreating Polish and prevent them from reaching Warsaw.
  2. I must protect Lodz AT ALL COSTS!

I draw up my plans of War…

As you can see I want to nip the retreat at the “waist” between towns of Wyszvogrod and Sochaczew.

In the South West, I order General Walther von Reichenau and his 10th Army Northwards, along with General Gustav von Wietersheim and his XIV Motorised Corps.

In the North Eastern sector, I order General “Hans” von Kluge to lead the 4th Army Eastwards, along with General Willhelm Hasse and his III Corps. Hopefully sweeping and arc around the Polish troops following the river Vistula towards Wyszvogrod town lying just before the Kampinos Forest.

In the South Western sector, General Field Marshall Gert von Rundstedt commands the forces under Army Group South to sweep Eastwards and protect the junction at Leczyka(indicated by a dashed arc), to prevent any advance Southwards to Lodz (just off the map Southwards), where General Johannes Blaskowitz commands the Eighth Army from.

After the above troop manoeuvres had been made, the map of operations looks like the following:

The Polish along the Warsaw-Modlin area look to be thick and are possibly entrenched in a solid line that might prove quite impenetrable, unless I could raise enough armour to punch a hole through. However, I feel my greater concern, and possibly a more achieveable one is to prevent the Polish retreating back to this heavily defended line. By swift skirting movements, perhaps I can cut through the bulge and hold the area in front of the Kampinos Forest. Gunning them down as they come running Eastwards to take to the trees!

Stay tuned for Turn 2, from both sides… as the Battle of the Blogs continues…

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