Battle of the Blogs – CC:Heraklion AAR

The Good News is that Battle of the Blogs is back!

This time, Chip and I have decided to take on a scenario in a recently released revamp of an older more tactical title, namely Combat Command: The Matrix Edition (CC).

We thought a short scenario would get us back into the swing of things, so I sifted through the smaller ones available and fancied something a little different. The defence of the Capital of Crete during late May 1941. Or to coin the German codename for it, Operation Mercury.

The Scenario blurb says:

Heraklion, May 20-22, 1941
Size of Battle: Small
Type of Battle: German Invasion
Axis: German
Allies: British/Greek
Location: Crete
Description: This scenario, taking place on Crete, has a single German parachute regiment attempting to take the airfield at Heraklion. A short, tough battle.

I’ve been to Crete and have walked the streets of Heraklion, so I had a bit of a vested interest in this scenario, plus I thought a decent defensive stand against the Fallschirmj√§ger might be interesting.

With my obvious British concern for the Commonwealth, Chip said I could take the Allies, and this time he will take control of the German War Machine trying to batter there way into an oppressed City (compare with my last Battle of the Blogs attempt to push my Panzers through the Bzura Valley into Warsaw).

I hope we can help newcomers to the game get to grips with the mechanics, as we ourselves learn through play.

Follow our progress play by play on both blog sites. Check out Chip’s efforts over at Fog of Wargames.

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Blogs – CC:Heraklion AAR

  1. Are you planning on resurrecting the game now there’s a patch (1.01) with a fix for the PBEM issue? I’ve got a few games going and haven’t had any problems so far. Hope so as I enjoy following these battles.


  2. See this book. Very detailed for Heraklion ” The Battle for Heraklion. Crete 1941. The campaign revealed through allied and axis accounts”

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