Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 1

Its good to be back in the swing of a Battle of the Blogs, I’ve missed the intensity that playing against another blogger brings to the experience.

Check out Chip’s Turn 1 of Operation Sea Lion over at FogOfWargames.

Turn 1

The rather ominous declaration that the German fleets have embarked marks the start of Operation Sea Lion. The British people’s worst nightmare is about to come true, the German War Machine crosses the North Sea.

Intelligence informs us that the German Corridor is still intact, and our naval intercept level is steady at 10. As the days pass, I’m hoping we can ramp up the interception rate, and strangle the German supply lines. Time to test the metal of our Navy in national defense.

Here’s the lie of the land in Southern England at the start of Turn 1. As you can see our troop numbers are few, we are scattered across country, and our coastline garrisons are very weak indeed.  The Victory Point locations are scattered far and wide, mostly in 1’s and 2’s. However, the capital of London has four key locations of 4 VP’s each, totalling 16 VP’s in such a tight clump. This is the obvious focal point of my entire defensive strategy. If I can deny the German’s 16 VP’s for 20 turns, it doesn’t matter how many other smaller VP’s they bag. Plus to get at some of the more Northern areas, there’d be a lot of travel through hostile territory to get there. The coastal ports will be tricky to defend, because of the initial landing forces embarked there. So, whilst Churchill has inspired the resilient Home Guard to make them pay with their blood at the coastal towns and on the beaches, I am mobilising my entire Army to pull back and provide a tough wall of British grit and determination around London.Time to adopt the British Bulldog spirit.

You can already an insipid dark region centered around Horsham, the enemy have clearly pushed inland a little and have exerted a fog of war on the area.

My first task is to see what German troops are pushing inland. So I order a recon mission over the area directly north of the landing zone. You can see a small force of Germans parked on the shores just east of Brighton, obviously they’ve sent out a scouting party ahead on the roads.

My exploratory flight encounters some resistance, but no casualties result.

A small force of the 7th Fleiger Division is revealed. Along with another huddle of Germans trying to surround Brighton.

Without thinking (or taking a screenshot) I attempt to move my Home guard unit south into Eastbourne. My mind was buzzing with the Adrenalin of seeing so much Axis presence on the shores of this green and pleasant land, that my instant knee jerk reaction was to get all troops into towns and ports to begin entrenchment. Foolishly, I’d ignored the fact that Eastbourne was in the Enemy zone of control, and my Dad’s Army walked in to quite a considerable Nazi presence in the town. They were spanked hard and forced to retreat. So more of the coastline is in enemy hands than I’d first thought.

It seems the German General Geyr von Schweppenburg is organising a considerably stronger set of troops there. Obviously they’ve been shipped in on landing craft of some sort. Their relative troop strength being around the 40’s as compared with the 7th Air Divisions troops strength of around 20’s. It looks like Eastbourne could be the main German beachhead, and they will pour even more troops in through this capture port.

There’s still a dark patch threatening me south of London, I need more recon. I send another air mission out.

Damn, even more German’s even further inland. I sip a fragrant French Brandy to calm the flush of adrenalin this revelation causes.

Just south of Redhill we have another exploratory member of the 7th Flieger Division. Plus it reveals an unknown unit moving north westwards along the road.

By this time, even the Brandy fumes are having a hard time soothing my concern. I decide its time to stop flying idly overhead and hit them with what little air power I have left. The blank face of hatred that the unknown unit presents to me, feels the sting of an Air strike.

Alas, the Air Strike is but a mere annoyance to the troops there. However, I’m hoping being harassed by air, will slow the troops down a little.

The Air Strike reveals yet another unit from the 7th Air Division. So we finally see the full extent of the paratroop landings.

I flick on my supply guide, to visualise the enemy encroachment better. That’s quite a considerable chunk of English countryside being deflowered by the German menace. And the push northwards towards London is disconcertingly near.

I began a feverish flurry of troop shuffling, crafting an inhalation of British troops towards the Capital City of London. All units not holding onto coastal ports begin the journey inwards. I leave a few men at further points of invasion mainly to slow down any more landings. With pitchforks and broken bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale if necessary. We will not be subjugated! It’s time to adopt the stiff upper lip of British determination.

Here’s a closer image of the troops entering Fortress London. I move as many higher quality troops forward to the Southern approaches. I want a wall of entrenched troops by the time the Panzers try to roll through the streets of London. Monty’s troops are winging their way from the west, and everything north of Watford is coming South.

As a final gasp of panic leaves me, I play an action card to appeal to the Americans to ship some Armour to us to help with the defense of Fortress London.

I play the card on Croydon, the southmost 4VP hex in London. Hopefully providing a steel backbone to the troops protecting the entrance in.

With the Brandy long supped, I marvel at the 100 M2A4 Light Tank’s rolling in and worry for the future.

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3 thoughts on “Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 1

  1. Don’t be too hasty to give up on fighting further south of London. Your armoured troops especially can really push those German Flieger troops around. They certainly aren’t late-war Fallschirmjagers – they’re basically just weak infantry. He’s fanning them out to create a big ZOC but you should be able to punch through and maybe even cut a few off.

    Anyways, ignore that if I’m off-base. Good luck!

  2. Fight on the beaches! Never surrender!

    It looks like that in the interests of viable gameplay, the scenario’s assumptions are somewhat tilted in favour of the Axis, so it should be interesting to see how it plays out from here. Do keep us posted!

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