Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 8

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Turn 8

I must say, the weather is rather clement for this time of year.

Calm seas allow for my Navy to notch up the interception another 5 points this turn.

The British Army rustles up another Infantry Division and ships them in to Cheltenham.

Here’s the lay of the land at the beginning of the British Turn 8. Even though we’ve managed to burst through the eastern front, the Germans are still in command of quite a broad line across Southern England. We’ve not pushed the darkness back to the stark white Cliffs of Dover yet.

Looking at the Western Front in detail, you can see Chip is attempting to out manoeuvre my defensive line with his fast moving armour. His main thrust has now reached well past the western outskirts of Guildford. I need to get some depth to my line, further back towards the approaches to London. I have a battered and bruised Home Guard unit just north of Midhurst, who will be unable to put up any kind of resistance, but they can become a small pain in the side of the German movements.

On the Eastern Front, after the slicing and dicing I managed to pull off last turn, we see that the German force has moved out of Tonbridge and is possibly attempting to swing wide to sever the South Eastern ports from the mainland supply lines. They’ve also managed to squeeze the gap to just a single hex and my US Tank Brigade have become surrounded by three units of German infantry.

With hard steel rolling in to the West, I decide to utilise my Rail transfer quota this turn to strategically move in a British Infantry Division to Guildford itself. Providing depth to my western line.

You can now see the Naval interdiction playing havoc dealing heavy losses (in the 70-80’s) to the German supply lines from Boulogne to Hastings. Also notice the creep of the German troops towards Dover. Presumably they want to re-establish a shorter supply route of some sort? I’ve wired the Home Guard troops dug in over there, to be ready.

Rather than focus on the weakest point of the western line, the 5 strength 34th Infantry, I decide to use my armour to nibble a gap between the main western thrust and the push directly South of London. I throw in three infantry and my Tanks. With a 20% concentric bonus applied.

The attack is costly, and an infantry unit on my side is panicked. However, we managed to brute force a retreat out of the German 34th.

I quickly move the Oxford Home Guard into the gap left by the retreating Germans. Hopefully creating some depth within the forested area.

Assessing the flanking threat from the German 2nd Panzers I move my weak Swindon Home Guard unit up to cut off their supply lines from the main Armoured thrust. If I can maintain this severance (somehow) a Panzer without fuel isn’t going to pull off any fancy Blitzkrieg nonsense here.

I decide to try to help my troops being threatened over at Folkstone by pouring my air power onto the German 78th Infantry.

Sadly, it was rather ineffectual.

However, the attack did force the Germans into a more defensive position, and their relative strength has decreased from 26 to 19 – which seems more manageable by the 1st British Infantry dug in at Folkstone.

Returning to the Eastern Front, I pound the German 22nd with all available artillery. Lets see if I can weaken this fragmented middle even further.

The shells hit home causing some casualties.

I think a ground attack upon the shell-shocked 22nd would be appropriate here. I throw in troops from three sides to maximise the Concentric bonus and also get a divisional bonus to boot.

Wallop! With some injuries to our lads, we manage to force a retreat and do considerable damage to the Germans.

The gap in the middle of the German’s attack gets a little larger. I’m ok with that result.

I decide to pop the 2nd Panzer Division with some artillery. Not much, but I manage to almost make the stack limit.

We disable some armour. Less for my boys to withstand.

With fresh men surrounding the German 15th infantry just north of Rotherfield, I make a ground attack, with 40% concentric bonus.

These German’s are tough cookies! We take heavy losses on the push, and can’t shake them into a retreat. We do inflict some losses though, weakening the already disrupted German Eastern offensive.

Out of supply and encircled their relative strength is reduced from 29 to 12. I’ll have to watch these attacks though, I’d rather save my manpower for defensive purposes, to keep my troop wall surrounding Fortress London fresh, strong and deep. Offensives have to be limited, and chosen carefully to maximise damage, minimise risky losses.

At the end of Turn 8, my supply behind the German Eastern Front looks stronger than ever, perhaps I can mop up the pockets and make a start at blunting the steel blade of armour pointed at the heart of Britain.

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