Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 7

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Turn 7

Well the weather has turned, which should hamper the Germans a little more – with luck!

More good news, the naval interception is starting to bite down hard on the German supply lines.

The state of play at British Turn 7, it looks bleak, the shadowy presence of the Nazi’s across Southern England is always nibbling away at the British Spirit. But our defensive belt supporting Fortress London is hopefully strong enough to repel the oppressive threat.

Here’s  a clearer  view of the broad front the Germans are presenting. Armour on the western flank, Infantry on the east. They are quite deep into our lands, but their numbers at the front do not suggest any depth to their attack. If I can hold them, and blunt any Schwerpunkt, I may stand a chance. Still, a long way to go yet.

I begin my turn, as always, thinking defensively. I want to strengthen my lines, so I decide to use valuable Rail transfer points to freight in another Infantry division and to drop them in the thick of the reinforce the front line of defense.

The 38th Infantry division fresh from Cheltenham will take a little while to organise themselves, but can be combat worthy the next turn.

Scouring the German front line, I spot an area of weakness amongst the armour. The German 34th Infantry looks susceptible at the outskirts of the forested area just North of Horsham. I decide to let them taste some artillery, seeing as they have little in the way of cover.

The arty does a good enough job in chewing them up a little.

I decide to push the attack and send the 15th Infantry in after them, now that they’re shell-shocked and disrupted.

The ground assault goes well, without any casualties on my lads – they manage to force a retreat of the German 34th!

It’s time to exploit this weakpoint, and I start to push what little troops I have into the vacuum left by the retreating 34th.

To further protect my eastern flank, I order the engineers to blow the bridge at Chatham.


The eastern approaches to London are now slightly trickier to navigate.

Surveying the Naval Interdiction, you can see that the numbers lost are around 60-70+, very encouraging. Slowly putting the chokehold on the supplies coming out of Boulogne and into Hastings.

I want to add strength to my lines, specifically at the tip of the armoured spearhead directly South of London. There’s no way I want any cracks to appear there. So I play a free action card to Rally the 34th US Tank Brigade stationed at that key location.

(Sir?) Alan Brooke gives a spiffing address to the US Tankers, raising their morale a little.

With a morale of 75 they’re in tip top order.

Out on the eastern flank, I decide to gamble with the lives of the 52nd Infantry, by sending them on a mission directly behind enemy lines. If they can push towards Rotherfield, they’ll be exerting supply shortages for the German 22nd and 15th Infantry divisions. One British infantry unit to disrupt many Germans is well worth the risk.

Eyeing up another weak point in the German front, this time the trusty old 7th Flieger paratroopers, I throw all air I have at them. Rain down the pain!

I lose an aircraft, but the strafing also does some damage to these sturdy Falschirmjagers.

Their troubles are not over yet. I order in a decent sized barrage on their position.

More casualties are inflicted upon the 7th Flieger.

Now its time to strike home. My armour moves forward to roll over these cloud hoppers.

With a small loss, my armour does indeed roll over them. Forcing a desperate retreat.

Time to “breach and pour”, breach the gap and pour my armour through it. Unexpectedly I manage to power forward and join up with the 52nd Infantry well and truly disrupting the German Infantry supply lines.

Flush with excitement, I want to capitalise upon this success. Rather than a flimsy single hex line of disruption, I want to secure something more substantial. I want to make these German’s pay for treading on my soil. I hit the edges of the gap with Arty.

It softens them up nicely.

More troops bursting through to attack the German 34th Infantry under siege.

They are decimated under fire. They are forced to retreat!

More breach and pour. Literally punching my way through the gap.

As I secure a two hex wide wedge between the German line, I move a US Tank Brigade up into the fight to land the final blow to the beleaguered 7th Flieger.

They show willing, and cause some casualties, but are ultimately Broken without mercy.

The demise of the 7th Flieger now exacerbates the wound in the German line. Behind the line the gap widens to 4 or 5 hexes. There’s no way the Germans will close this gap without a hell of a fight, and having to divert a lot of limited troop power to secure it.

Now the Germans stranded in the forests near Tonbridge, start to attract the attention of my Artillery around Seven Oaks.

The shelling worries them.

Men and tanks pile into the forests from three directions, led by my 37th Infantry.

We take considerable losses, but also manage to inflict heavy casualties and force the German 15th Infantry to retreat out of the forests and back to Tonbridge!

I have troops outside of Tonbridge begging for a fight, so I send them in.

Now that was a mistake. We inflict some casualties but pay a heavy price for our bravado. Lessons learnt. Noses bloodied. Theres still plenty of fight left in these Germans.

I bring up what I can in the form of the 55th Infantry division to put some men between the Germans taking refuge in Tonbridge, and the ones trapped on the edge of the forest to the west. The German’s on the Eastern front are now divided into two small encircled pockets. With armour at their rear. Job done.

Over on the western flank, I play the Hold Ground II defensive action card.

Monty delivers a rousing speech and re-organises the men into  a better defense.

Here’s a look at the current situation on the German front line. I’m quite pleased with this turn, and how its panned out. By cherry picking my points of attack on weaker German units, I’ve managed to slice and dice their front line. With their infantry on the eastern front pocketed and out of supply. Here’s hoping I can do the same with the steel beasts baying for blood on the western flank.

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