Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 6

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Turn 6

The British weather seems to favour the German invasion, which is bloody typical!

With the corridor gone, interception from the Royal Navy starts to rise reassuringly.

More troops assemble over at Cheltenham, these semi-regular injections of manpower are very much appreciated. We need every man we can get to hold back the tide of evil creeping slowly across our nation.

Newly formed the 38th British Infantry offers up a selection of troops, machine guns, mortars, anti-tank guns and a few Vickers VI tanks.

Here’s the full picture of the German Invasion of Southern England on the British Turn 6.

The daring 1st Armoured Brigade are well and truly snookered. Trapped by unknown Nazi troops outside of Hastings, they’re out of supply and have taken a hammering. I can see no way to save them. At least the naval interception is causing supply attrition in the fifties. That should eat away at the German advance from the inside.

On my western flank the 2nd Panzers have opened up a gap through the forests just south of Guildford. It seems to me Heir Chip is about to thrust his armour through it and attempt to sweep round my line.

In a desperate attempt to slow any potential advance I send some engineers into the forest, and I arrange a strategic transfer sharpish to plug that gap with an Infantry Division.

For now, the breakout is capped. Although my engineers might not be up to much in the way of a defense.

The 53rd Infantry Division alight from the trains South of Guildford and immediately take up their positions danger close to the 2nd Panzers. Hopefully they can catch their breath for the next turn.

Now to direct my force upon those advancing Steel Beasts. I pour on an air strike of their position, matching the stack limit.

The air attack from the remnants of the RAF hit the 2nd Panzer Division with all they have, and cause considerable casualties. Infantry and Armour are taken out.

I follow up the air success with an artillery barrage, but I have little in the way of suitable hardware around that area. So this is more a harassment.

Ineffective as expected.

I have some artillery positioned centrally, so I decide to let rip with them at the 1st Panzer Division creeping through the forests south of Redhill.

Some infantry  casualties inflicted, by the end of the bombardment.

I spend the next few actions determined to strengthen my western flank’s line of defense. I hunt through all my HQ’s and Generals for FREE action cards with defense in mind. I play the Hold Ground card.

Harold Franklyn sorts out the 48th Infantry Division and adds a 25% bonus to their defensive efforts.

Hold the Line boys! You see the bonus applied to the troops, the blue +25% on the unit images.

Another Hold Ground level II card is played.

The 15th Infantry Division get the more powerful +40% defensive bonus. This bonus affects all infantry in the division, so effectively boosts the whole western flank line.

I start to worry about the Home Guard on my western edge, the Swindon guard. So I play the Rally Unit card on them.

Claude Auchinleck inspired a morale boost of 25 points on the Swindon guard.

These boys are the last in the line, and have to hold. Their morale now 63 shows they are in relatively high spirits. Shame they haven’t had much time to entrench.

I decide to fire off the remainder of my artillery behind the front line. I target the German 15th Infantry Division, out in the open. Again, its more harassment than anything of significance.

The harassment seems to work a little and causes loss to their machine gunners.

Their relative strength drops from 56 to 30.

Finally, I have just enough points to go cap in hand back to the Americans for more Armour. I’m starting to get a taste for US Tank Brigades, I hope I can keep regenerating the PP’s enough to keep them rolling onto my shores. If we get through this, I’ll have to make sure my Government shows a lot of respect and gratitude to the US for their help.

The 34th US Tank Brigade are dropped off in Croydon, ready for action next turn.

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