Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 5

Check out how the Invasion is going from the German side over at Chip’s Fog Of Wargames blog.

Turn 5

The weather is still against us, and with the Germans.

The German corridor is no longer open. With the Intercept rising a further 5 points to 20. Now, I was under the impression that the Corridor is the main channel through which German High Command get their units through to old Blighty. But this is not the case (thanks to folks over at the forums for putting me straight). The Corridor is just the route for supplies, the actual troops can still be ferried across, but from now on their supply source will be squeezed dry by the Royal Navy. Also, any unit landings taking place will take more casualties that previously when the Corridor was open.

Here’s the state of play at Turn 5. The German push forward seems quite broad now. But they’ve yet to secure significant amounts of Victory Point locations.

My daring push into the rear lines of the enemy with the brave 1st Armoured Brigade, has gone bad. But it looks like it had the expected effect to draw a least some of the German troops hiding in the murky fog of war away from the frontline push. 1st Armoured are now a bit stranded, without supply and subsequently without many action points to move or fight back.

In a fit of desperation, I try to move them towards Hastings, see if they can become stationary inside a town, but they don’t quite make it. Those brave lads will have to button down and hope for the best.

On the plus side, the supply interceptions is really starting to choke the lines at around high thirties (the blue circled numbers across the channel).

Using strategic transfer to get the Infantry divisions  to the front line from the far west in double quick time, it costs, but it is desperately needed to get bodies and armour in the path of the advancing German Armour.

The 45th Infantry division disembark from the train in Croydon, they’ll be ready for action next turn.

The main thrusts from the German advance, seem to be centered around the armoured 1st Panzers in the West. The highly mobile 1st Panzers with 80 relative strength has pushed forward into the light forests to the east of Guildford threatening to cut across and isolate my infantry line stationed at the edge of the forest.

In the east, the 15th Infantry have taken Tonbridge, and have plenty of infantry in support to their rear.

I decide to hit both spearheads with Air. With the limited air power I have at my disposal this is never going to achieve decent results, but I think I’m right in saying that any air attacks made, will cause the units to lose some movement because they drop into a defensive mode and use up future movement points to avoid the incoming fire from the skies. [I read it somewhere on the Matrix Forums a long while ago – if I’m wrong, please comment and correct me].

No hits.

The remaining Air power focuses on the 15th Infantry.

Again, nothing.

Now its time to pour some artillery upon the pushy 1st Panzers. We just about fall short of matching the stack limit (60/70).

The pounding lands a couple of hits, which isn’t bad considering the troops are in light forest.

Its good to see they’ve been knocked down in relative strength by a chunk.

Without much in the way of Arty power centered around Tonbridge, I decide to hit what I can that is in the open. The 22nd Infantry makes an excellent target, although I only have one artillery piece in range.

As expected, this bombardment proves ineffectual. But perhaps it will slow them down?

The French Legion unit is a fundamental piece of my defensive line, but compared to most of my infantry units (18th, 55th) its relative strength is quite poor. I start to fret over this possible weak link in the chain, they’re only 80 entrenched at the railway crossroads. Perhaps I need to get some more units up in support of them?

As I go through some of the options available to me, I become quite frustrated at my lack of offensive punch. I decide to mount a spirited attack against a unit of the 1st Panzers rolling steel. I include the 4th Infantry to get some small concentric bonus, and I have a slight divisional bonus applied. I have hopes for some sort of morale boosting hit here.

I am so wrong. I lose a lot of men. We do manage to get a hit on the armour, but at such a high cost. Panic and retreat ensues.

With my bravado clearly in check, I decide to finish off the turn with some chores. I want to blow the bridge at Woolich. Making any eastern flanking movement more difficult, especially if they want to get North of the Thames.

The bridge goes down. No one cheers. Its just a sign to the people in London, that the Germans are getting close. People crowd in the Tube stations Underground in fear for the future.

You have been watching…

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