Battle of the Blogs – WtP:Operation Sea Lion AAR – Turn 4

Check out the German Invasion going on over at Fog Of Wargames, its now on Turn 4.

Turn 4

Sadly for us, the weather picks up again. Lets try and make this German Holiday a short one.

The German Supply Corridor has been firmly closed shut. British Naval interception has gone up from 10 to 15! The level of supply deterioration should ramp up the next few turns.

You can see the Interdiction numbers are beginning to climb into the mid teens.

More fresh faced Tommies are assembling at Cheltenham.

The 53rd British Infantry Division, attached to V Corps are now ready for deployment.

Here’s the state of play at Turn 4. The two limbed fork has appeared to merge into a single invasion front once again. Whether they’re concentrating into an iron fist to punch through my defenses, or I’m weakly bottling them in, I have no idea.


This closer image shows just how near to the trembling beating heart of Britain, Fortress London. I have a containment line assembled in front of the city itself. Desperately trying to form a contiguous barrier to their advance. All the while, trying to drip feed the defenses in the city with whatever I can from all directions.

The jittery engineers have another go at taking out the  bridge from Bognor Regis through to Worthing.

Boom! Finally, they get the structure to fall.

With luck, the road westwards is now a more difficult route to travel. Both bridges crossing the River Arun, at the coast and around Midhurst are down.

I begin my air recon sorties, to try and elucidate the full extent of the German Invasion force writing and  slithering around in darkness before me. I send a patrol out to the Eastern Front of the Invasion.

No direct finds.

But we detect the presence of the German 15th Infantry Division, pushing up the road south of Tonbridge (with the 22nd hiding in the forests outside the town).

I now send out a patrol to the Western Front of the Invasion. Lets see exactly what armour lies ahead of us.

No direct contact.

But we glimpse quite a heavy force of the 1st and 2nd Panzer divisions. Their relative strength points contrasting the actual fighting power of my troops versus the German war machine. High sixties and eighties against my mid twenties and sometimes teen scores. We have a fight ahead of us to contain this amount of rolling steel.

They seem to be composed of a mix of tanks, Panzer I, II, IIIE and IVD’s.

I decide to use some of my strategic transfer power to get some more troops from the West into the front lines. With such a heavy armour presence on my Western flank, I pull in an infantry division to Guildford. Hopefully in subsequent turns I can use them to re-inforce the fragile net I’m trying to loop around the Panzers.

The 15th Infantry Division arrive in Guildford a little weary, but ready for action next turn. Mortars, a few Vickers VI and a handful of 2-pdr AT guns.

With my paltry air command, I perform a number of other air recon  missions, trying to pin exactly what Germans are where. I pick at the borders of Hastings and around Worthing to get this fuller picture. The established beachhead at Eastbourne remains out of sight. From this intel, trying to second guess what Heir General Chip is doing, it looks to me like there are 4 clusters of troops, with the main Armoured divisions pushing on my western flank, their main infantry push on my eastern flank, and some peripheral infantry divisions crawling along the coastline in both directions (possibly as backup plans to secure more VP’s there).  My main focus is to contain the two forward pushing fronts. The coastal dwellers can’t reap a massive amount of VP’s needed to win the scenario, even if they encounter zero opposition.

I now have the action points to surround and beat down the 7th Flieger units. Here is what you get when you drop into old Blighty. The concentric and divisional bonuses will really help here.

The attack goes well, with minimal casualties on my part.

The 7th Flieger are no more. Sent to their maker. If only the Panzers could be so easily dispatched.

In a fit of madness, I decide to make a bold move by pushing my 1st Armoured Brigade deep behind enemy lines, attempting to cut the road supplying the German front. They exhaust their movement points before they can do any real damage, however as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter they may attract German attention from the front line or perhaps swing the German 78th Infantry from Hastings for a little while. I guess I make the move, because I’m frustrated at the lack of positive action against these invaders. I want to land a blow somewhere, so that they have to deal with it, and delay their progress Northwards. Otherwise the majority of my play is scraping and scratching a defense, waiting to see if its strong enough to withstand the pounding its sure to receive.

I use up another card begging to the US for help with additional armour. They helpfully oblige us. What we really need is the whole US War Machine rolling into these green pastures, but for now I’ll settle for an extra tank Brigade in Croydon.

My last action of desperation this turn, is to send some of my remaining air force to hit the lead Panzer with whatever they have. I’m hoping catching the Panzers in the open road might help with the chances of success.

We nibble away at their supporting infantry.

Reducing their relative strength by a factor of 12. We’ll have to see how this develops.

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